Group Tours Bali is Tour and Travel Company offering a wide range of products and services geared toward regular travelers as well as those vacationing for the first time. Our experts have searched the entire Bali to find the best and most affordable tours and activities. As part of our ongoing endeavor to meet all of your in-transit needs while putting the fun back into travel, we have now expanded our portfolio to include airport shuttle service, local guided tours, various fun activities for youth, kids and people of all ages all backed by our low-price guarantee and 24/7 customer service.

Group Tours Bali offers a great inventory of handpicked tours and activities geared toward independent travelers at the best price-in-class, with optimal ease of purchase. Collaborating with local travel agents, Group Tours Bali designs flexible tour packages that save travelers time and money. At the workplace, we create an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere where fellow experts can apply their lifelong passion for travel to the task at hand, ensuring that our customers arrive at their dream destination 100% satisfied.

We strongly believe that increasing awareness of the unique ethnic, cultural and geographic traits that together shape and define our global community is just as, if not more important than, providing the vacation of a lifetime.

Our vision guides us on the path toward greater prosperity and excellence. As part of this vision, we uphold each of the following principles in every aspect of operations:

To cultivate expertise by building and nurturing a team of highly-specialized tourism professionals who are just great at what they do. All the employees at Group Tours Bali possess valuable knowledge and firsthand experience of the regions they cover.
To develop and nurture relationships with vacation and tour operators striving for excellence in travel products and services, sharing our commitment to superior quality and a truly unforgettable experience.
To hone performance and adaptability by keeping abreast of technological advancements and global trends, thereby ensuring prompt delivery of only the best travel products, turning your dream destination into a reality.
Extensive Network
We offer beautifully designed tours and vacation packages not only in Bali, Indonesia but Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai etc. Not only is our portfolio deep, it's diverse, offering a wide array of activities appealing to every type of traveler, from foodie to Trekker, culture fiend to urban explorer.
Best Price Guarantee
We're committed to providing top-notch vacations at the lowest possible prices. We work hard to uphold our promise by securing the best deals, keeping you and your wallet happy.
Customer Satisfaction
Thanks to our 24/7 online support network and bricks-and-mortar of customer service center where a Group Tours Bali representative is always available and ready to help with any inquiry you may have, in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Hindi.