Ayung River

The Ayung River is the biggest and most explored river in Bali.  Three big streams provide the water to Ayung River, Tukad Bangkung with the upstream at Pelaga, Tukad Menggani with the upstream at Catur, and Tukad Siap with the upstream at Kintamani. As per the International measures for River Difficulty, there are in general six grades of difficulty in river rafting. Every grade is enumerated to represent the contingencies of the energy of currents, rocky shapes, presumed fall-offs and different ability levels to manage within the river. Ayung River is categorized as class II and III and it signifies that the Ayung has few irregular water levels, some flakes, meager falls, yet negative significant uncertainty.

The Ayung river, inhabited at Kedewatan Ubud, is an extensive and largest river in Bali, expanding 75 kilometers from the northern hills region to the end of the Badung Strait at Sanur. In the wet season when the water-level advances, the Ayung is categorized as class IV, possessing mediocre and high streams and demanding greater abilities to plan the fine curves. The Ayung’s white water rafting track tenders a 10 kilometers run that might want 1.5 – 2 hours to move within. A beginner must not feel intimidated attempting rafting on the Ayung river since every raft individually outfitted with protection apparatus. Basic skills coaching on necessary procedures, and an expert instructor on board is all you need and certainly, that is provided by the operators.

Relish your chance meshing with other rafters during managing besides the current. Few slides and rolls may simply be the spark for the courageous enthusiasm in your gut anticipating to enkindle. Stay happy and fun because that is the whole point of the trip. Appreciate the transparent stream of the river sliding through the plain, crossing by brilliant rustic miracles of Bali, a rich and dense flourishing rainforest, rough-hewn cliffs and dashing waterfalls. Time to be astonished at how the universe has bestowed such equanimity, grace, and honor to the Land of the Gods. If you can manage the time of departure then it is beneficial to leave toward the morning spin.