Top 20 Best Bali Adventure Activities

Bali adventure activitiesAre you craving for adventure? If your answer is a yes then you are on the right page. Encounter the authentic Bali and experience extraordinary and memorable hours of pleasure and adrenaline–fueled fun as you have enormous things to check out at the striking Bali. If your idea of a perfect vacation is an adrenaline-fuelled experience, then Bali has a lot to offer.Despite being a small island Bali has a long list of adventures to explore. From free falling off from cliffs to rising on the dynamic volcanoes or expelling yourself ironman style up in the air, Bali is the ideal spot to fasten your excited side in some action-packed extreme sports. Apart from the fact that Bali is enveloped by water and volcanic zones, still, it elongates a lot of moments to indulge in several activities that can stay in your memories for a life time. Make sure that you try most of the activities listed here and make this vacation time in Bali a memorable one.

Bali Adventure Activities-That Is How The Fun Begins

Bali adventure activities
Bali ATV Ride
Witness a diverse view of Bali through adventures Bali ATV ride or Quad Bike ride in the heart of Bali. Regardless of what your idea of adventure is if you want to improvise your experience and add some extra thrills to your vacation in Bali, hop on to this adventurous machine that will take you on an exceptional tour of Bali. If your plan is to enjoy the luxurious lush surroundings and impressive nature of this tropical heaven, then this excursion offers a perfect gateway.
white water rafting bali-bali water sports
white water rafting bali
Rafting is another way to experience the “real Bali.” This most admired and everyone’s favorite activity will super charge your mind and soul and bring out the best of you. It is time to immerse yourself in nature, with different excitements awaiting you to get you to the next levels of recreation and celebration. It is time to experience the aura when an inflatable raft carries you through the lush rainforests of the central Bali highlands.
flying fish bali-bali water sports
flying fish bali
Smell the sea and feel the sky and let your heart fly. A change in latitude will boost your attitude so if you are Beachoholic and flying free in the air is your dream then Flying Fish adventure is absolutely appropriate for you. Flying Fish Bali is one exhilarating and impressive activity in Bali and must be in your to do list while touring Bali. So hang on tight and experience flying in the air on this flying fish water sports ride.
Bali safari and marine park-things to do in bali-grouptoursbali
Bali safari and marine park
Bali Safari and Marine Park, just much more than a zoo or a theme park wherein the animals are stationed as not only for visitor’s entertainment but also as an afterthought for animal preservation. There are so many very well organized and professionally supervised educational activities and live shows that for sure are enough to give you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
bali treetop Adventure Park-things to do in bali-grouptoursbali
bali treetop adventure park
Bali Treetop Adventure Park, a synonym for adventure. A perfect place to test your mind and body power, an institution to tell you that you can reach heights even when you are not in good shapes. An unbeatable support system which enables you to reach the vertex without feeling fear of falling down.
flyboard in bali-bali water sports
flyboard and jetpacks
The sensation in the legs, when highly compelled water makes you move upright is indescribable. You can ride or rather fly 10 to 15 m high above the water’s surface. Skilled riders can perform insane spectacular moves worth watching. You may try any of the moves you want as you are always protected and guided by the instructor who is always connected with you and communicate with you through waterproof radios inside your helmet that let you listen to tips and guidance from the instructor on shore.
bali dolphin tour-bali water sports
Bali Dolphin Tour
There are many great minds on earth and not all are human, some of the greatest minds on earth live in the seas. Yes, we are talking about the marine mammals, the dolphins. A beautiful mammal with an amazing playful spirit and curiosity for humans. The dolphin’s smile is gorgeous and exquisite. You will fall in love with them as it is undeniable. Your kids will love it, your wife will love it and you will be as happy as they are looking at their smiles.
parasailing bali-bali water sports
Parasailing Bali
Fly up in the air as a speedboat pulls you around the coast for a fantastic experience and a view to remember forever. Parasailing in Bali is one of the most highly recommended and admired water sports to indulge in. The feeling of being in the air with the wind hitting your face and your hair swirling in all glory is something that can’t be put into words. Moreover, the spectacular sight of the blue water underneath just adds to the beauty of the experience.
swimming with sharks-bali water sports
Swimming With Sharks
Bali Sharks which are available on the Island of Bali to have a personal interaction with, can also be referred as the Serangan Sharks part of a private Island Project which is a personal nature conservation initiative with a mission to save black tip and white tip reef sharks and at the same time providing visitors with the first environmentally-friendly tour one of a kind. Serangan Island which is often referred to as Turtle Island is home to various shark and turtle conservation activities.
Bali Camel Safari
Bali Camel Safari
Bali Camel Safaris attempts a special approach to feel the beach on the southern Sawangan coast of Nusa Dua. Well-prepared and trained camels give you a ride which is more than just different. The southern Sawangan coast of Nusa Dua welcomes you on a fluctuating but pacific ride along the gorgeous white-golden beach. Camel rides are for a minimum booking of two persons.
bali submarine-bali water sports
Bali Submarine
You can remain dry and see the extraordinary reefs, fishes, and underwater glory of the Bali’s ocean up close and clear. We are not talking about an aquarium; it is far above from it, YES! We are talking about a real flashy and extravagant submarine. Your kids will love it! The Odyssey Submarine provides a magical journey through the underwater reefs of Bali Ocean.
underwater scooter-bali water sports
underwater scooter
Scuba Diving has its own charm but Underwater Scooter sets you on wheels beneath water where speed is your slave. You do not know swimming, no worries. You can still drive the scooter underwater. You never rode a cycle or bike in your life, no worries, take your 1st breath on wheels under water. You can breathe like on surface thanks to the motorcycle's helmet
horse riding seminyak beach
Horse riding Bali
One of the most important activities at Seminyak beach or rather Bali is the opportunity to go horse riding. Well, it may be not for professional horse riders, who like to crash the wind with the speed, but for honeymoon couples, or families with kids this would be a mesmerizing voyage of fun and adventure. This activity will eat a good chunk of your camera’s memory.
canyon tubing in bali-bali water sports
Canyon tubing Bali
Bali Canyon Tubing an activity winner of million hearts gets you on an extraordinary and exceptional ride down a small stream within a rainforest valley in exuberant Bali. What distinguishes it from regular rafting is that you get to ride in your own personal inflatable tube. No paddles are involved as you just lace up a helmet and life vest, and let the consistent currents take you on a voyage of a great fun and adventure.
banana boat in bali-bali water sports
Banana boat
The Banana Boat ride is unquestionably the activity you don't want to skip out on. Hop on the vivid and vivacious five or six people inflatable boat and have more fun than you ever imagined. A really fun activity with lots of laughs for individuals, families, and groups! Banana Boat rides could be the best ride for your buck while visiting Bali. It delivers the thrill of a Jet Ski with a little more padding and cushioning.
jet ski bali-bali water sports
jet ski bali
You are going to be the master of this water speed monster for 15 minutes with all the controls in your hand, you can move it fast as possible or slow down to enjoy the splashes of water or beach activities. You’ll be the person in charge. With the spray in your face, the wind in your hair and passion in your blood, you cannot fail to have a super amazing time.
sea walk in bali-bali water sports
Seawalker where your soul aligns with nature; the ocean answers all your doubts and ambiance delivers peace. The excitement of your 1st breath underwater is memorable and distinguished. Believe it or not, your tans will fade but the memories you save through this sea walking experience will last forever. Your memories of this exposure will linger on forever long after your footprints are gone in the sand of waters.
Mount rinjani trekking-bali volcano-group tours bali
Mountain trekking in Bali
The Volcanoes and Mountains in Indonesia are well celebrated by local and international climbers as adored destinations for trekking, climbing, and hiking. A great number of volcanoes encircling the stretch of Indonesia make a huge ‘Ring of Fire’. Few mountains are situated within a large volcanic lake or some with craters that spurt blue fire. For adventure lovers, Bali isn’t just a tropical beach hang out place with good shopping and cheap food – it’s a trekking paradise.
donut tubing in bali-bali water sports
Donut tubing
Have a group of friends and want to laugh uncontrollably? Then this is your activity of choice. The donut tube is just that. It is an inflatable donut which is towed by a speedboat. The tube fits up to 4 people and is similar to the banana boat, except that you'll have to hold on tight as the boat will make fast turns and fly over the water as it gives you the ride of your life!
elephant safari park bali
Elephant Safari Park bali
Elephant Safar Park and Lodge, an outstanding place offers an ultimate experience to spend some quality time with gentlest of giants, the gorgeous Sumatran Elephants. Experience the serenity of the park and ambiance blended with the heart touching time spent with the greatest and one of a kind gigantic Sumatran elephants. Follow your heart and soul and travel to a place where the magic appears.