Bali Dance & Cultural Shows

Bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliThe Balinese people are exceptionally proud of their custom, practices, and culture. For this reason, Bali dance and cultural performances are maintained all over the island every day!. A Bali tour is considered incomplete in the absence of at least one of such amazing Bali dance performances. Sincerely, you can spend weeks in Bali and witness a different performance every single night. An extensive range is available from starting from beautiful traditional dance to stunning Devdan Show.


Many of the Bali dance performances take place in wonderfully atmospheric venues. Such as Bali temples, palaces, and theaters. Shows are adjusted and quite modified for tourist taste. However, the cultural touch remains intact. Visitors are welcome to watch performances at temple ceremonies too as long as you wear traditional temple clothes. Balinese have a custom of men performing women’s roles and women performing men’s roles but it is not common in every dance performance you see. The Balinese consider that a player is substantially transformed when they take on a charter. Performances normally begin with a reverend sprinkling holy water on the stage and instruments.

Traditional Bali Dances & Shows

devdan show-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliDevdan Show

Devdan – Treasure of the archipelago is a breathtaking and competently choreographed stage performance at Bali Nusa Dua Theater. It is a powerful and vivacious visual tour of Indonesian civilization and diversity. This gorgeous Bali dance show exhibits a blend of conventional Indonesian dance activities with super fancy modern contemporary dance, world-class aerial acrobatics, dazzling costumes and hi-tech special effects.Read More Dance

The beautiful Bali dance performance is held in the open air at sunset time in Uluwatu. Usually, over a cliff at the Pura Uluwatu facing the sea. Starting at sunset, the story continues into the dark, when the light comes only from twinkling bamboo torches. What makes this dance particularly exceptional is that the drama uses no unnatural background or artificial stage settings or instrument. The focus is entirely on the concentrically seated about 50-60 men, bare-chested, around few shining bamboo torches in the center.Read More

tek tok dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliTek Tok Dance

An impressive and sensational Bali dance created by Jelantik and The Performance Maestro “I Made Sidia". A miraculously amazing blend of flawless skills of beautiful young people and vocal special effects supported by dazzling accessories. Put together a high-class full-fledged drama to make your evening simply fantastic. An outstanding addition to the flourishing number of spectacular Bali dance shows and stage performances accessible to Bali visitors. BCC( Bali Cultural center) now presents a colorful and mesmerizing presentation of the Tek Tok Dance four nights per week. Read More

kuta theater-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliKuta Theater, Center For Magic And Cultural Show

Prepare to be stunned and shocked when you seize a ticket for the most popular and everyone’s favorite magic show during your vacation at Bali. Kuta Theater, also known as the center of magic and Bali dance cultural shows. The theater is untraditional and persuasive in their creation of original illusions and mind-blowing tricks combined with a spectacular cultural show and sizzling dance performances. Challenge your mind with unforgettable magic shows in Bali. Showmanship is at its best, witness delightful & breathtaking miracles up close. This show will leave you delightfully shocked. Read More

barong dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliBarong Dance

An expression of true Balinese tradition and culture, performed at many places, the most popular, admired and widely accepted as the true and most sensible representation of Balinese tradition and beliefs, the Barong Dance. If you are willing to explore an authentic side of Bali or a cultural side of this beautiful Island of gods then this dance must not be missed. An amalgamation of seriously skilled cultural dancers and advance story interpretation with super fancy costumes and at the same time enriched with a highly sophisticated musical instrument called Gamelan Semar Pegulingan. Read More

Legong dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliLegong Dance

Legong is the epitome of feminine sacred beauty. Mostly performed by young girls, the gold leaf costumes, and floral apparels along with complex finger movements and dashing wide open eyes creates an unforgettable and mesmerizing ambiance. The exciting clash of the gamelan with the dance adds to the shiver and shake, altogether it is an experience you will remember for a long time.

baris dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliBaris Dance

Baris dance, a gladiator dance performed by men and boys. This is respected as a divine and sacred dance and often accomplished in temples. Sprinting and darting eyes, dwelling, and fettling along with shaking head gear of shells and a costume with whipping strips of fabric, lances, bows, and arrows, the performers appear larger than life, like fighters not to be jumbled with.

baris dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliJanger Dance

Janger, often performed by seated women and young girls. The original consequences were to cause a trance state in performers. This is sometimes a separate dance or combined into the Kecak itself.

Sanghyang Jaran Dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliSanghyang Jaran Dance

Sanghyang Jaran, coconut shells are dispersed around the platform, usually set on fire, and when appropriately glowing, a hobby-horse-riding dancer who is in a mesmerized trance state, flicks and perform on the hot coals. It’s somewhat impressive and can be a little dangerous if you get too close.

Wayang Kulit-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliWayang Kulit or shadow puppet shows

Wayang Kulit or shadow puppet shows are not just for kids in Bali and are the epitomes of Balinese society — what you think you see may not be there, or mere shadows, and the good guys don’t always win.