Tek Tok Dance

tek tok dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbaliAn impressive and sensational Balinese Dance created by Jelantik and The Performance Maestro “I Made Sidia". A miraculously amazing blend of flawless skills of beautiful young men/women and vocal special effects supported by dazzling costumes and accessories. Put together a high-class full-fledged drama to make your evening simply fantastic. An Addition to the flourishing number of spectacular dance shows and stage performances accessible to Bali visitors, BCC( Bali Cultural center) now presents a colorful and mesmerizing presentation of the Tek Tok Dance four nights per week.


The main storyline is taken from the epic “Mahabharata” story of India; BCC exhibits the contest between King Yudhistira (Pandavas) and his cousin brother and grudger Duryodhana (Kaurava). Yudhistira lured into a game of chance wherein Duryodhana gains the upper edge and manages to influence Yudhistira somehow, as a result Yudhistira loses the game as well as his brothers and wife in the game. Duryodhana forces Yudhistira and his four brothers and wife Draupadi to lose their entire kingdom and seeks the ultimate humiliation of forcing the losing King to undress his Queen and offer her to his nemesis. And the fabulous story continues…

Originating from Lombok in Bali, the Tek Tok Dance has been revised, amended and redrafted by celebrated choreographers I Made Sidia and I Gusti Gade Jelantik. The music that succeeds to get super attention is produced solely by syncopations and harmonies from a chorus of human voices. This magnificent and striking dance performance is now presented every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening at 6:30 pm.

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