Gili Meno Island

gili meno-bali islands-bali tours-group tours baliGili Meno is the usually most soothing and relaxing of the 3 Gili Islands. Gili Meno is little different than other two Gili’s Island as it offers more conserved and cured nature. The nightlife is not that loud here and there are restrictions playing the loud music after a time. Well, that has turned up as a great news for tourists willing to have more serene and laid back experience.Gili Meno has a great range of attractions in comparison to the other two Gilli’s Island. You will find a beautiful mini turtle sanctuary right on the beach. You may also visit Meno’s Bird Park, a privately owned bird, and reptile sanctuary.

Meno has a beautiful and unique salt water lake. Meno is relatively small and quieter; you won’t find any shops, ATMs or nightlife scenes around Meno. However, you may spot few very good restaurants and bars offering cold beers and tasty meals. For those looking for some luxury and rich dining, Karma Beach is a great choice. You won’t find the large crowds that are common to Trawangan and Air here. Meno suits nature lovers best, as well as honeymooners and couples looking for privacy, and relaxation.

The Gili Meno Bird Park is one of the main temptations on Gili Meno. Centrally located on the island, the bird park is home to a great collection of exotic birds. Locally called as ‘Taman Burung Gili Meno’, is a good place to visit by tourists of all ages. You may not get a full zoo experience here like you get in Bali Safari And Marine Park, Bali Zoo or Bali Bird park located in Bali, however, Gili’s Bird Park makes up on size by presenting a unique and gorgeous collection of species. You will be welcomed by very nice and friendly staff on arrival.

The ticket price of only IDR 50,000 per person and the bird park offers a reasonable and low priced tour presenting exotic birds and reptiles well placed in their relative enclosures. At the commencement of your park tour, you will be welcomed by a couple of gorgeous scarlet macaws that fly free in the gardens. Next is an enclosure where a huge Komodo dragon lounges. You will get an outstanding experience with different species like a saltwater crocodile, barking deer, parakeets, Nicobar pigeons, wild turkeys, rainbow lorikeets and much more. The beautiful gardens make for an enjoyable walk while informative posters on each stop let you know more about the species. Gili Meno Bird Park Resort Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Location: Gili Meno, Lombok Tel: +62 (0)361 287 727

The Gili Meno’s super salt water lake stands on top of the list of expected temptations visitors can find on Gili Meno.  The lake stretches up to approximate 8 hectares and is located near the mid-western half of the island. This lake is smoothly accessible within just a 10-minute comfortable walk or a five-minute Cidomo ride from the main boat docks. It is not difficult to fall in love with the tranquility and lush landscape this lake has to offer. This significant lake is certainly densely fringed by a rich mangrove jungle that stretches to the island’s western coast. Down encompassing the swampy mangrove shoots you might also observe watercocks and giant monitor lizards.

You may also spot an Intan Shop at the northern side of the lake which is the only local art shop in the immediate area. You can drop in to take a look at the interesting textiles, locally-made beachwear and much more.