Menjangan Island 

Menjangan Island is a section of the West Bali National Park. You can pass on to this little island by boat from the port of Labuhan Lalang. This beautiful island stretches approximately 3,800Ha and home to the rare and beautiful Javan rusa deer. Under the coastline, quiet waters and coral beds overflowing with marine life allow diving and snorkeling with exceptional clarity throughout the year. However, the visit to Menjangan Island is little tricky as it requires the accompaniment of a park guide and permit. The permit can be arranged for you with a little cost. The guide fees range from IDR 450.000. Besides outstanding natural beauty and extravagant marine life, you can also appreciate the island’s compilation of memorials, including Segara Giri Dharma Kencana Temple with its towering seaward-facing Ganesh statue on its hilly north-eastern shore.