Top 10 Nightclubs in Bali

We introduce you to you our embraced list of Bali Top 10 Best Nightclubs to assist you to revel in the best night out with your friends and companions. 

These famous night spots with their greatest features are all set to not let you sleep and create an ultimate night experience in Bali. All of them on our list showcases the best sights, sounds, signature tastes, and surroundings.

Get ready to have a blast!

Bali is full of excitement, yet certain types of crowds, events, and shows are found more in particular areas. Go through the list and chose the right one near you. Though, the listed nightclubs surely are the top 10 in Bali, yet, feel free to ignore the order they are listed in.

Top 10 Nightclubs In Bali

Sky Garden Club Bali-Best Nightclub In BaliSky Garden, Jalan Legian, Legian. 

Sky Garden an amazing not to be missed a nightlife adventure is located at suburban and beach area on the west coast of Bali and right in the heart of Kuta’s Nightlife Strip, Sky Garden is for party lovers and at the same time a paradise for food lovers. Sky garden is a part of 61 Legian Entertainment Complex and actually, the whole site is an ultimate location to enjoy nightlife with multiple clubs inside. Sky Garden has been voted as the Best Nightclub in Bali, this amazing4 level building is the place to explore an outstanding night in a fun and safe environment.

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Mirror Club Bali-Bali Nightclubs-Bali packagesMirror Bali Lounge and Club, Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak

To bring a whole new level of hype and excitement to Bali’s premium clubbing scene, part of a Jakarta-based dining and nightclub management company, Mirror Bali Lounge and Club sits at the top as one of Seminyak’s most premium night hangouts, reminding us of the big clubs up in the capital city. Sleeping behind the light of the day, Mirror awakens at night to give most pleasurable and dazzling experience to its visitors. Mirror’s presence and elegant style entice the visitors all around the world. The club’s unusual, exceptional and one of a kind. Read More

Bounty Discotheque-nightclubs in Bali-bali packagesBounty Discotheque, Jalan Legian, Legian

Bounty Discotheque is Located in the heart of Kuta, a legendary and hottest nightlife spot well known for its wet n’ wild parties. This one stop entertainment complex is perfect with a dashing disco, an exquisite restaurant, and bar. A place where you can enjoy booze with kuta’s largest and loudest sound system, sexy dancers and world class DJ making sure that you must have a laser sharp musical and sexy after dark adventure.

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Jenja Club Bali-nightclubs in Bali-bali packagesJenja Restaurant, Bar & Club, Seminyak

Jenja Restaurant, Bar & Club offers a one-stop dazzling night life experience with its specially designed, ultra stylish interior distributed over two superior floors. As the night advances with rising beats from the club downstairs, the mood gets breezy and animated. Newbie at Jenja instantly falls for the exceptional design. The ceiling is designed exceptionally like no other, covered in 12,000 interlinked teak battens, and one wall features a large gigantic stained glass, providing a warm interplay of colors that set a soothing mood for a dance.

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koh Club Bali-nightclubs in bali-bali packagesKoh, Seminyak

Koh Bali is the Bali’s one of the best nightlife hotspot and inspired by the underground clubbing scene of Europe. The Seminyak nightclub is the creation of two Australian pals Dane Gorrel and DJ Matt Weir. The club only opens right before midnight and it is a bunker-style warehouse which glorifies the ambiance, you’ll instantly fall in love with the underground clubbing look and feel with astonishing laser works and thumping beats. With top-notch sound quality and outstanding soundproofing and on top of it a Funktion One system that electrifies the area and an outstanding underground clubbing is guaranteed. Koh Bali promises a space with sound that, Read More

Engine room club-nightclubs in bali-bali packagesEngine Room, Jalan Legian, Legian

Engine Room is a trendy and haunch three-storey nightclub that is prevalent mostly in the young crowd on the main street of downtown Legian. The best part is that the club’s doors open in the afternoon which renders an opportunity to the partygoers to experience the fun much before the night falls. Music lovers and party freaks can drop straight into the main dance floor and start enjoying the sensational trance that nightlife of Bali is famous for. It opens at 4 pm and goes till 4 am. Bystanders along Jalan Legian can effortlessly catch a sight of the Engine Room’s interior that is quite animated with brilliant, Read More

Pyramid club-nightclubs in bali-bali packagesPyramid Club, Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta

As its name indicates, Pyramid Club Bali is inspired through an Egyptian theme, most obvious from its main entrance together with its interior that is delightfully sieved with more inspired subjects from Egyptian cultures. Few beautiful Egyptian depictions can be explored throughout the walls inside. Pyramid Club Bali is located on Jalan Dewi Sri. The nightclub welcomes the partygoers to the most amazing surroundings which feel like being in some Egyptian caves wherein DJs pump out rave and techno over the dance floor seven days a week.

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Velvet and hypnotized-nightclubs in Bali-bali packagesVelvet & Hypnotized (VH), Jalan Pantai Kuta

Velvet & Hypnotized or VH, claims to be one of the best nightclubs in Bali offering not only good location but a promising nightlife experience, as the name suggests you will be left hypnotized and bound to return to this dynamic place again and again and that is certainly true. VH Bali on the rooftop of Kuta Beachwalk offers a great location to bask in the amazing sunset viewpoints while lounging on its cozy and lavish deck. Occasionally, DJs set up their sets on the deck in time for the sunsets and cocktails. Soon after, the doors to Hypnotized, the main club, open, welcoming you to a great party scene inside.

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Boshe VVIP Club-nightclubs in bali-bali packagesBoshe VVIP Club, Kuta

Boshe VVIP Club enlarges the Kuta’s night clubbing options, stationed near Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. The elements which make Boshe VVIP Club a special place to visit are the powerful Funktion-One sound system, extravagant motion and laser lighting systems and robust hi-tech strobe lights which electrify the surroundings. A world class karaoke facility and an excellent clubbing hall. Various models and voluptuous dancers create an outstanding zest in the clubbing scene with regular hot and erotic dance. Special events like the ‘Locally Session’, ‘Fenzi Girls’, ‘Track On’, ‘Wet Distors’ and ‘Sundays’, and remarkable fashion shows, Read More

A club Bali-Nightclubs in Bali-bali packagesA-club Bali and Akasaka, Denpasar

A club and Akasaka are two different clubs in the same Akasaka Complex in the heart of Denpasar, A-Club is on the fourth floor while Akasaka is on the ground floor. Both the clubs promise an amazing fun drive including best of international drinks and cocktails. Both the clubs offer a variety of dance performances, DJ battles, muscles show, and much more to explore. Mostly dark and glowing with beautiful dancers and performers. Loads of girls can be found hovering around for a good time. Great local scene and can be fun when in the mood. Every taxi will know where it is. If you don’t have a taxi, you just have to follow Jalan Imam Bonjol from Sunset Road, then Jalan Teuku Umar.

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