Bali Spa And Massage

Pamper yourself with a day of extreme relaxation, recreation, well-being, and fitness in an opulent and posh Bali spa setting with a minimal cost. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Get pampered by a well-trained and expert therapist. Bali spa parlors render you perfect services, professional environment, and thoughtful responses. Bali Spa serves your needs both mental and physical. A world-class spa and massage can be enjoyed at almost every part of Bali. Most of the hotels, Guest houses, villas, accommodations and high end sophisticated private parlors offer treatment. A regular massage, pedicure, manicure, a flower or milk bath and much more are among the many options.

What better way to enjoy your Bali vacation than to utilize some time to loosen up, pamper yourself and relax? Exotic centuries-old herbal ‘Jamu’ drinks, traditional massage oils and Balinese massage techniques delivered by skilled therapists will mitigate your muscles. Leaving you ultimately extremely relaxed and composed.

Bali Spa- the different variants

The charismatic Bali spa is one of the main reasons that draw visitor from around the world to Bali. Bali is also known as one of the world’s spa capitals and repeatedly become a winner of AsiaSpa Awards. A good Bali spa will not only release the muscle stress but at the same time increases the blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body; improvise your skin texture and tone, and relaxes your soul.

Few places master the art of Bali spa and offer you a variety of treatment to choose from. You may consider these specific treatments during your visit to Bali.

Traditional Balinese Spa-Traditional Bali spa has its own followers, the amazing technique of using fingers and palm with movement variations makes it a very special and soothing treatment for body and mind. The recipe is called Boreh, a natural healer made of natural herbs and spice mix produces a heating sensation which ultimately relaxes the muscle tension within minutes.

Traditional Javanese Beauty Spa

Traditional Javanese Beauty spa features the beautiful and relaxing techniques which were used by the Javanese royal families to treat their skin. Have you ever wondered why Balinese girls are so pretty and own such a beautiful skin? Milk bath and Scrub bath are the specialties of this treatment. The milk bath uses the milk from goats and sheep, and scrub bath includes a paste made up of some rare herbs and spices. The resulting effects are soft and glowing skin and improved quality and texture.

Healing Spa- Also referred as Medical spa, uses holistic approach including a combination of meditation, deep body work and energy distribution which is performed by professional healers. The healers use various methods to relax body and mind including Hatha Flow, Restorative, Vinyasa, Balinese Kundalini, and Yin session. Healing spa has been reported as the best treatment which ensures the internal as well as external relaxation of your body.

Geothermal Spa

For this treatment, you would need to go to North Bali as the treatment is famous and available at a thermal spa built around a hot spring that is formed from the heated water from the earth’s crust that contains high minerals that increase body metabolism, increase blood flow, improve nourishment to vital organs and removes unwanted toxins from the body.

Fish Spa-Mostly used to cure the feet’s skin. Garra Rufa, a species of fish which removes the dead skin from the feet. You may feel ticklish when the fish touches your feet and tries to remove the dead skin from your feet but the results are outstanding.

Ayurvedic Spa-Widely recognized as the oldest form of healthcare in the world and originated from ancient India, has been proved useful in the treatment of even serious health issues. However, nowadays the treatment has been combined by resort spas as main spa treatment with mostly for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Beach Massage

This might be the simplest form of treatment you can easily get throughout the island to get an instant body relaxation without too many complicated rituals.

Apart from the above mentioned, considering the diverse requirements from different people, the spas located in Bali have invented some pro technologies targeting the different parts of the body. However, they still use one of the above-mentioned types to treat and handle the unique requirements of their clients. We have tried to enlist few of the advanced forms of spa and massage hereby.

  • Aromatherapy ritual
  • Warm stone massage
  • Acupressure
  • Mineral mud detox
  • Coconut exfoliation
  • Antioxidant facial
  • Bodywrap infusions
  • Personalized sports massage
  • Active or recharge massage
  • Full-body massages
  • Warm bamboo
  • And happy ending massage.Few of the massage is particularly more in demand including Happy Ending wherein massage is performed targeting the private body parts to provide a sensual and erotic experience to the client. Consider a fact that prostitution is illegal in Bali; all such activities are performed undercover and through backdoors. Bali never disappoints anyone with any demand in particular.