Goa Lawah Temple

goa lawahGoa Lawah, unquestionably, is one great temple in Bali located on the south east coast, roughly 10km away from Klungkung and 10km south of Candidasa. Goa Lawah, a unique temple that surrounds a beautiful cave opening which is inhabited by thousands of bats. Goa Lawah, also called as bat cave features a massive temple around the small cave opening that is considered to have another end at the toes of Mount Agung. This temple is said to have established in the 11th century by Mpu Kuturan, who laid the foundations of Hinduism on the island. Once a place for deep meditation for priests is now a great tourist attraction on the south east coast of Bali. As per the temple community and locals, the cave leads to three diverse locations, Mount Agung, Talibeng and Tangkid Bangbang.

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A Mengwi Prince, while trying to hide from the enemies is said to have discovered these three connections of the bat cave. There are a lot of people who claim to have witnessed ash and smoke emerging from bat cave during the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. It is also said that all the bats in the cave left their habitats few days before the eruption of Mount Agung. The temple now serves as a great place for meditational and religious activities. If you wish to witness the local Balinese people taking part in local ceremonies and prayers then it would be better to visit this temple at the morning time when people from the nearby places come by and pray for everyone’s well-being. However, in the afternoon or late afternoon, you may find a lot more tourists exploring, praying or roaming around the temple. You may also witness the outline of Nusa Penida Island from here on a clear sunny day.

You will be welcomed by the two massive banyan trees at the entrance of the temple. Once you step in, you may witness three bale pavilions in the three different corners, where the gamelan orchestra takes place during major ceremonies. You can see the shrines right in front of pavilions which have stood for hundreds of years. Thousands of years old Shivaite shrine, a mythical dragon and just behind them super sensational bat cave which is overflowing with thousands of long tailed bats. Sometimes Bats surprise visitors where the massive chirping sound, however, most of the visitors enjoy the moments spent with these amazing creatures who see the world upside down. You may also locate few gray long tail monkeys roaming around the temple too. However, it is always advisable not be tricky with monkeys especially when they come in groups.

Goa Lawah has recently been through some renovation work for surrounding walls, gates and floorings. As a result, you will get to see a little better ambiance during your upcoming visit. Like other main temples and attractions in Bali,  you will find enormous souvenir shops and warungs (local restaurants) where you can explore the souvenirs, drinks, and food etc. Goa Lawah’s piodalan or grand temple anniversary takes place every 210 days on the Balinese Pawukon calendar cycle of an Anggara Kasih Medangsia. It is same as Uluwatu Temple. You may check with your local guide about it.


How to dress :

  • Women: Should wear a sarong (clothes that wrap from waist to ankle), Kebaya and need to tie a scarf or a sash on the waist. Please note, woman during menstruation, are not allow entering the temple area.
  • Men: Should wear a sarong, a shirt, a scarf or a sash tied around the waist and Udeng (Balinese headdress create from elaborately folded clothes).

How to get there : There are three main ways to see the Balinese temples. You either sign up for a group tour, you rent a car or you rent a scooter.


Pura Goa Lawah
Jl. Raya Goa Lawah, Pesinggahan, Klunkung, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia

Why you must do a Bali temple tour during your trip?

You get to discover the stunning locations and amazing vista around the temples

The spectacular architecture and unique designs of the Balinese temples worth a look

The cultural side of the real Bali is rich and tranquil at the same time. You must experience it.

You will get to learn more about Hinduism

You do not have to go too far from your hotel to find a temple. The temples are nearby most of the popular beaches. From tiny shrines to big temple complexes, choose what you want to see.