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Bali tour is one opportunity that can be admired for a long long time. One of the crowning vacationist’s destinations on the planet is Bali. For numerous years Bali has been presented as the globe’s soundest island by The International Travel Magazine. Bali concluded 2016 by a record-high 4,904,175 tourist appearances. That signifies an improvement of 22.55% over total arrivals reported in 2015. Bali’s objective during the year had been set at 4.4 million foreign visitor’s appearances. However, the gorgeous island outclassed that figure in November as per the data from the Central Statistics Agency. Same like the last year, In 2017, Bali tour is still in high demand.

A Bali tour cannot be concluded without experiencing its natural geography blended with the super exciting fun places. Interestingly, a Bali tour can be packed with culture, religious, night attractions, adventure activities and moreover, all of these. From the impressive beaches of KutaJimbaran, Nusa Dua to Ubud’s artistic approach and pictorial terraced rice fields, a Bali tour has a lot to offer.  The northeastern seasides, Gilli‘s and Lombok Island are amazing gems awaiting exploration.  Lush forests, wet rice fields, active volcanoes are not the only places to visit and explore, but, Bali also offers lots of men made attractions. Here we have compiled a list of different attractions which can be explored while your Bali tour.

Bali adventure activities
Top adventure activities
Encounter the authentic Bali and experience extraordinary and memorable hours of pleasure and adrenaline-fueled fun.
white water rafting bali-bali water sports
Best Water Sports
A trip to this beautiful Island is truly incomplete without adding some of the most amazing and thrilling water sports in Bali.

Bali Tour-From Beaches to Mountains

Meet the real Bali and experience remarkable and significant hours of happiness and adrenaline-fueled fun. You have immense stuff to check out during your Bali Tour. Whether you are an adventure traveler and your idea of a perfect vacation is an adrenaline-fuelled experience. Or doing Bali tour with your family to have a relaxing vacation, Bali has a lot to offer. Despite being a small island Bali presents a long list of activities to explore. From free floating on the beaches to trekking on the dynamic volcanoes. Or expelling yourself spiderman style up in the air. Bali is the ideal place to fasten your excited side in some action-packed extreme sports.

Sekumpul Waterfall-waterfalls in bali-group tours bali
Waterfalls in Bali
If your idea of fun is swimming under the falling water, sliding on the inclined rocks then waterfalls in Bali have to be on your Bali’s must-visit bucket list.
tek tok dance-bali dance-bali tours-grouptoursbali
Dance shows
Sincerely, you can spend weeks in Bali and witness a different performance every single night from beautiful traditional dance to stunning Devdan Show.
Cocoon Beach Club-beach club in bali-grouptoursbali
Beach clubs
The well-formed and alluring beach clubs are packed with everything you can expect for a beautiful vacation. Check out the international party vibes
white water rafting bali-bali water sports
Rivers In Bali
Bali Has three main rivers where the most watersports activities take place
waterbom-things to do in bali-grouptoursbali
Water Parks in Bali
Bali, apart from beaches and rivers, is also famous for world-class waterparks
gili air-bali tours-group tours bali
Islands around Bali
The 7 great islands neighboring Bali should be on your list when you’re outlining a Bali Tour
Tirta Gangga
Bali temples
Bali is home to many ancient temples. Most of them have become the Island's iconic landmarks featuring unique offshore settings and sunsets.
Bali beaches-bali tourism
bali beaches
Bali is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world and known for its beautiful and alluring white sand beaches.
pyramid club bali-nightclubs in bali-grouptoursbali
Nightlife spots
Bali is electrified every single minute and here you will experience one of the best nightlife and may be become your reason to visit Bali again.
bali dolphin tour-bali water sports
Best Places with kids
We hunt every day to find the places to make your experience world class, especially for the events when you visit Bali with your family.
Mount rinjani trekking-bali volcano-group tours bali
Mountains and Volcanos
There is a special aura, something really authentic that is difficult to put into words but certainly has enticed and inspired visitors from all over the world.