Bali Volcano-Mountains to trek in Bali

Bali volcano and mountains are always there on the to-do list of an adventure traveler.  Unquestionably, there is no other place like Bali and trekking a Bali Volcano is a must-do activity. This beauteous Island of the Gods renders white sandy beaches, countless waves for surfing, and spectacular natural settings. Bali has regularly been at the peak of the list that shows top 5 must-visit places in Asia. Bali presents an unbelievably wide range of mountains and Bali volcano to trek and explore. Moreover, all within close distance and at very fair prices.

Bali Volcano and mountains have some special aura. Something really authentic that is difficult to put into words. But certainly, has enticed and inspired visitors from all over the world. It is for sure can be associated with the Balinese themselves and their generous and amiable character. Indonesia not only flaunts for being home to more than 17,500 islands but also grandly hosts 129 volcanoes making it the country with almost 13 percent of the world’s volcanoes. Bali volcano comes into the category of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Bali volcano and Mountains are well celebrated by local and international climbers as adored destinations for trekking and hiking. A great number of volcanoes encircling the stretch of Indonesia make a huge ‘Ring of Fire’. Few mountains are situated within a large volcanic lake or some with craters that spill blue fire. For adventure lovers, Bali is not just a tropical beach hang out place, it’s a trekking paradise. These gigantic mountains and Bali volcano dominate the surrounding area and influence the climate massively.

These mountains soak in the water from the clouds making one side around mountain lush green and another side dry and barren. Local Balinese worship these mountains and lot of ceremonies are done on these massive mountains. Mountains in any and every country dispense enormous valuable things and at the same time affect belongings negatively too.

With many mountains suitable for a variety of skill sets, the Bali volcano and mountain climbing scene has become really exciting. Deciding to trek with an expert guide is really a wise decision to make. A local guide can help you face any difficult situation and provide you with a close cultural experience. Most guides will be able to unravel the secrets of the mountains and lead to the best views. Guides also take the safest and exciting routes depending on the weather visitor’s skill set. 

You may always choose to self-guide yourself, however, that is not advisable. If you are not a frequent trekker or climber better hire guides. Bali volcano and mountains should not be taken lightly. With the tropical weather combined with high altitudes, unforeseen challenges or even little shower can change the destiny. A slight rain can cause the ground to be slippery and can increase the risk factor. Having a professional guide beside you is always fruitful and sometimes a lifesaver.

Still, if you decide to trek Bali volcano alone then have the right gear, check volcanic and mountainous activities, look at weather predictions, wear proper shoes and have enough food.  Local guides are always recommended. Moreover, hiring a guide is not that expensive in Bali. Whether you take the treks to question yourself or choose to climb, you will be entirely engulfed and struck with the natural beauty of Bali.

Check out the Bali volcano and mountains that are popular for mountain trekking and climbing activities.

mount agung trekking-bali volcano-group tours baliMount Agung

The king of mountains in Bali, an active Bali volcano with Besakih Temple in the foreground, is Bali’s highest mountain (3,142 m). It rests in the central-eastern part of the island of Bali, situated in Karangsem Regency. Mt. Agung is an active stratovolcano and has had massive eruptions during the past. Gunung Agung last erupted in 1963-64 and is still active, with a massive and profound crater which occasionally ejects smoke and ash. Read More


mount batur trekking-bali volcano-group tours baliMount Batur

One of the sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs and a small stratovolcano in north-central of Bali. Mount Batur also referred to as Gunung Batur in Bahasa Indonesia is elevated 1717m above sea level and can be trekked by physically fit hikers in around 2-3 hours.Read More



Mount rinjani trekking-bali volcano-group tours baliMount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani another Bali volcano elevated up to an impressive 3,726m. Making it Indonesia’s second highest volcano. Mount Rinjani is located on the island of Lombok and easily accessible from Bali. If you have done Mount Agung or Mount Batur in Bali and looking to reach the next level of ultimate excitement and adventure then here we present Mount Rinjani to you.Read More


mount batukaru Mount Batukaru

The second highest after Mount Agung is Mount Batukaru. It is also the highest peak in the Bedugul volcanic area. Largely unexplored, Mount Batukaru offers tourists a blend of nature, culture and panorama views. It is not as touristic as Mount Agung and Mount Batur are. However, it would be perfect for those that are little shy and stay away from the ‘touristy’ places. This Bali volcano is the maximum peak in the Bedugul volcanic region, but it is inactive. Batukaru is fairly unpopular with climbers since it is full of the dense forest which limits the scenery. As a dead volcano, its landscape makes it the unique rainforest mountain trek experience in Bali. A lot of stories are popular about this Mountain, highly spiritual and sacred place. It is worshiped by the Balinese with the Pura Luhur Batukaru temple devoted to its presence.

This rainforest of this Bali volcano is a wetland in Bali. For conservation, the number of trekkers permitted is limited. It is rare to see other trekkers along this hike. The nine-hour long very difficult ascent passes a narrow and unsealed trail. That is mostly shaded by tropical rainforest. At the summit, you will be awarded complete tranquil, beautiful look of Mount Agung, Lombok, Java and south and east of Bali. Avoid climbing Mount Batukaru in times of rain. As the rainforest becomes a very dangerous place to trek with the pathways getting very slippery. Batukaru has actually a big crater, the largest in Bali Indonesia. However, this crater is wide open at the southern part of it, enabling the stream Yeh Mawa to flow.