Bali water sports-Everything you need to know

The beautiful Island of Gods is well known for world-class enticing Bali water sports activities. Bali is a one red-hot package destination for tourists from all around the world. Bali water sports is heaven for who anticipate creating immense unforgettable memories throughout a short trip to Bali. All the major attractions in Bali are fortunately placed within the short extent. That ultimately saves the travel time in just getting from point A to B. This saved time can be used to actually explore Bali furthermore.

It is said that if you are sleeping then it’s not that your body which is tired. But it is your soul which is hit. So wake up and set your soul in motion. Experience Bali water sports it will rejuvenate your mind and soul and recreate a new life within you. Bali is a wonderful world within itself that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to adventures in Bali water sports. If only you are ready to explore them. The big question is whether you are going to say a warm yes to these adventures or you just bypass the life full of thrills.  If you like the outdoors, Bali water sports is a big adventures playground and moreover, it’s a cakewalk. If you know how, when and where.

Bali water sports-Best beaches for water sports

Bali water sports is best appreciated at beaches, white water rivers or water parks. Tanjung Benoa and Sanur are the two prominent beaches acclaimed for the best watersports activities. Most of the operators are located in Tanjung Benoa beach location. Which makes it a little cheap to experience water thrills with a comparison to Sanur Beach.  Tanjung Benoa is widely accepted as the best beach for water sports and activities. The reason is its central location and availability of best water sports action. However, Sanur beach also exhibits some great spots which are highly appreciated and recommended by the visitors.

tanjung benoa beach activities top 10 attractions by area
Tanjung Benoa
Tanjung Benoa Beach is at Southeast of Bali island and very close to the popular Nusa Dua and Kuta area. Tanjung Benoa is also known as Benoa Peninsula and expanded in approx. 5 km. Tanjung Benoa is honored being a central location for best water sports....
Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is respected for its famous world class water sports activities and in view of this showcases phenomenal five-star hotels, beautiful spa and open air restaurants, a wide variety of local and international food, open air bars and cafes, local mini market...

Bali water sports-Best rivers for water sports

Best Rivers For Watersports

Bali water sports in rivers has its own charm. Rafting, tubing, kayaking are few of the most famous outdoor whitewater activities which are highly recommended.

Bali water sports are practiced within three main rivers.

  • Ayung River (Ubud)
  • Telaga Waja River (Karangasem Regency)
  • Melangit River (Klungkung)

    Ayung River and Telaga Waja River are most popular for rafting and other activities due to their location and rafting challenges.

white water rafting-rafting on clear water
Ayung River
Ayung River (Ubud) is stretched out in 10 kilometers and it requires approximately 1.5-2 hours finishing the superb rafting experience...
Telaga Waja
Telaga Waja (Karangasem Regency) incorporates 16 kilometers of outstanding Island’s area and it takes almost 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the finish line.

Bali water sports-A to Z activities

There are enormous Bali water sports activities are available on Bali beaches and rivers respectively. People enjoy the beaches a lot, at the same times rivers have their own charm. If you are on a short vacation then it would be impossible for you to experience all of them. However, you are always free to select the activities comforting your time availability. And of course the distance from your point of the stay. White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Tubing are few of the activities which are best suitable and available at Beautiful Bali rivers. However, most of the other activities can be enjoyed at different beaches. Here, we have compiled a list of all the Bali water sports adventures available.

white water rafting bali-bali water sportsWhite Water Rafting

Rafting is another way to experience the “real Bali.” The raft crosses different grades of rapid classes. And at the same instance; you get closer to natural habitats of different species living within the river. Rafting path in Bali is designed in such a way to bring you closer to the outstanding panoramic views of waterfalls, green lush landscapes, and picturesque mountains all at the same time. Read More

sea walk in bali-bali water sportsSea Walker

You don’t have to be a swimmer. You don’t have to be a good learner. You don’t have to be super smart. You just need to say yes to your ultimate desire to experience something new and here you go sea walking. A beautiful opportunity to feel the marine life certainly with a new conception. The activity is best described as walking on the soften seabed with a waterproof helmet to discover the beauty of the underwater world. Read More

scuba diving in bali-bali water sportsScuba Diving

Scuba diving is quite smooth and uncomplicated in Bali. Thanks to the operators who use the best industry standard equipment and highly trained staff to facilitate the best first-time experience to the participants.Read More

snorkeling in bali-bali water sportsSnorkeling

A vibrant fish floating underwater next to your eyes, a gorgeous turtle sliding and kissing you shoulder edge. This outstanding experience can’t be put into words. You are going to be fascinated and mesmerized by sea life and that will happen certainly. Pearls don’t lie on the shores, if you want one, go dive. You don’t know swimming that is absolutely fine. You don’t need to be an expert swimmer. Just get out of your comfort zone because the life begins right from there. Read More

flyboard in bali-bali water sportsFly Boarding & Jet Pack

The sensation in the legs, when highly compelled water makes you move upright is indescribable. You can ride or rather fly 10 to 15 m high above the water’s surface. Skilled riders can perform insane spectacular moves worth watching. Read More

banana boat in bali-bali water sportsBanana Boating

The banana boat ride is unquestionably the activity you don’t want to skip out on. Hop on the vivid and vivacious five or six people inflatable boat and have more fun than you ever imagined. A really fun activity with lots of laughs for individuals, families, and groups! Read More

underwater scooter-bali water sportsUnderwater Scooter

You are invited to undergo an ultimate pleasure in the most prevailing and mainstream underwater activity in Bali. Which sets you rolling over the wheels like an expeditious fish deep down the beautiful Bali Ocean. YES! It’s about the awesome underwater scooter ride, which lets you go down, get wet and enjoy the gorgeous and exquisite underwater wonders of the fabulous island. Read More

bali submarine-bali water sportsSubmarine Adventure

Submarine provides a magical journey through the underwater reefs of Bali Ocean. This is a real submarine with real portholes that you can see the underwater world go by. It’ll dive to depths of water and dig out the most memorable memories for you. It’s a lot of fun for the kids and adults. A submarine can be an alternative for those who are nervous to face the water on their heads.Read More

flying fish bali-bali water sportsFlying Fish

Flying fish adventure in Bali is a challenge to perform for people who are scared of heights and speed. It’s time to shake hands with your ultimate fear and let it go forever. It is a fantastic trip on the surface of blue heaven when your rubber fish tugged on a speedboat flies in the air and at the same time you get sprayed and sprinkled with the chilled ocean water. Read More

bali dolphin tour-bali water sportsMeet The Dolphins

The dolphin’s smile is gorgeous and exquisite. You will fall in love with them as it is undeniable. Your kids will love it, your wife will love it and you will be as happy as they are looking at their smiles. Dolphins are intelligent, creative, playful, friendly, curious and BEAUTIFUL with a unique and complex body system which inspires techies all the times. Read More

swimming with sharks-bali water sportsMeet The Sharks

These special tours are appropriate for people of all ages including children, allow participants to swim and interact with the sharks delivering a completely positive experience and diminishing the negative impression about sharks fabricated by movies for ever. The activity also carries a noble mission at the same time that is to educate, spread awareness, inspire human race to save sharks and better understand the species. Read More

canyon tubing in bali-bali water sportsCanyon Tubing

No paddles are involved as you just lace up a helmet and life vest, and let the consistent currents take you on a voyage of a great fun and adventure. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze in mountains united with natural scenes, all while sliding around 40km downstream in your inflatable tube. Get ready for some thrills.Read More

donut tubing in bali-bali water sportsDonut Tubing

Have a group of friends and want to laugh uncontrollably? Then this is your activity of choice. The donut tube is just that. It is an inflatable donut which is towed by a speedboat. The tube fits up to 4 people and is similar to the banana boat, except that you’ll have to hold on tight as the boat will make fast turns and fly over the water as it gives you the ride of your life! Read More

jet ski bali-bali water sportsJet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Bali is absolutely available and safe for beginners. You may drive solo or with your partner or with the instructor, your choice. So get ready for this action packed personal watercraft experience. With a simple turn of a key on these beautiful and powerful machines, you are all set to zoom over the water and as the confidence build, you’ll be doing splashy turns and sharp cutting lines like the legendary James Bond.Read More

bali kayak-bali water sportsKayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking isn’t just for those looking to battle with powerful rivers or challenging waves in the ocean, it can be a truly unforgettable experience for those who are just interested soaking in the beauty of ocean or rivers and prefer to respect the vulnerable natural beauty around the rivers or just want to enjoy a calm, peaceful and relaxed afternoon.Read More

parasailing bali-bali water sportsParasailing

A fabulous drift high up in the air over the waters of Tanjung Benoa for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beautiful beach and a magnificent experience by a speed boat tugged parachute. Fly up in the air as a speedboat pulls you around the coast for a fantastic experience and a view to remember forever.Read more

surfing in bali-bali water sportsSurfing

Surfing is for people who are looking for something beyond mere swimming. It is certainly far above the delight and titillates you get from Jet ski, Parasailing or rather anything else wherein you are supported and accompanied by any third person. It is challenging, risky and far more sensational and adventurous than any other water sports. Read More