Meet The Dolphins

There are many great minds on earth and not all are human, some of the greatest minds on earth live in the seas. Yes, we are talking about the marine mammals, the dolphins. A beautiful mammal with an amazing playful spirit and curiosity for humans. The dolphin’s smile is gorgeous and exquisite. You will fall in love with them as it is undeniable. Your kids will love it, your wife will love it and you will be as happy as they are looking at their smiles. Dolphins are intelligent, creative, playful, friendly, curious and BEAUTIFUL with a unique and complex body system which inspires techies all the times. Dolphins use their sonar system to find a way or to communicate with other dolphins. They do not sleep, only half asleep.

The young dolphin gets a length of about 1.2 meters and weighs around 60 kg; they can grow up to 5 meters long. Since they are highly intelligent, they are trained and do a variety of activities to play with humans. Having said that, we also like to add that in Bali people love the marine life and give their best in order to protect it. The dolphins you see during these activities are not restricted for only entertainment purpose but for conservation as well

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Dolphins are kept mostly in the specially designed floating pool in the ocean; it means that all of the dolphins stay alive in the sea which is their natural habitat (instead of chlorinated water).

Normally the operators send visitor for the interaction with dolphins in a group of 6-10.

Timings are as follows: 5 sessions a day

(Session 1: Start 9.15 am,
Session 2: Start 10.05 am,
Session 3: Start 11.05 am,
Session 4: Start 12.00 pm,
Session 5: Start 1.30 pm), and in one session (35 minutes).

Dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence and at the same time you can interact with them closely, you may play, kiss, hug and even carry dolphins in your hands with care.

There are three programs to choose from:

Dolphin interaction program: In this program, you are allowed to interact directly with dolphins in the floating pool.

Dolphin Watching: In this program, you may see dolphins and their acts from outside the pool.

Swim with Dolphin: in this program, you are actually allowed to swim with dolphins in the water.

How would the things be handled?

The activity begins in the morning or according to your session. After arriving at our dolphin lodge center, all participants will have a break of 15 min to change your own swimsuit and take off all your jewelry that could potentially injure the dolphin, and then you will board the speed boat, it’s about 5 minutes to reach the dolphin lodge in the sea by speedboat.

Before the activity begins, the instructors will give a briefing about the important rules or instructions about what things you can do and what not to do while interacting with the dolphin. You will have about 35 minute’s duration to Interact with the dolphin in the pool, enjoy the private interaction with the friendly dolphins.

What to Bring

  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Extra pair of shoes if you want
  • Swimming costume, T-shirts and lower etc.
  • Camera

What it includes

  • 35 Minutes fun activities with dolphins
  • Short safety briefing
  • Transfer from beach to floating pool area through speed boat
  • Medical insurance
  • Free lockers

Do and Don’t

  • Wear a life jacket
  • Treat the dolphin respectfully
  • Do not through any eatables in the pool
  • Alcohol is a big No No
  • Use common sense