Kayaking & Canoeing In Bali

If your enthusiasm is on top and you are an action sports fan or just an outdoor admirer, there is nothing eminent than hitting the shining water with a kayak or Canoe. Clashing with groovy waves or raging rapids, massive rocks, and conquering gushing white ripples provide a dare not matched by any sport on earth.

As many have discovered, contesting nature for an afternoon while admiring its beauty makes for a rejoiced and pleasant day. On the other hand, kayaking isn’t just for those looking to battle with powerful rivers or challenging waves in the ocean, it can be a truly unforgettable experience for those who are just interested soaking in the beauty of ocean or rivers and prefer to respect the vulnerable natural beauty around the rivers or just want to enjoy a calm, peaceful and relaxed afternoon.

Kayaking and canoeing in Bali can be experienced at both ocean and rivers. Pandwa Beach, Amed Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur beach are one of those few beaches where this amazing sport can be enjoyed, it is also quite popular at Ayung River (Ubud) rapid  class II and III, and Telaga Waja River (Karangasem regency) rapid class III and IV. Famed for its incredible Rapids, the legendary Telaga Waja and Ayung River offer a kayak ride full of adventures. You may also watch cliffs and natural caves along the way.Telaga Waja is renowned for its beauty and the gigantic Mount Agung. Nestled in those rolling hills are some fierce waterways perfect for kayaking.

This is not just a Canoe or Kayak experience. This is truly a mind, body and spirit adventure!

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Have Fun & Be Safe with These 5 Important Kayak Safety Tips:

  • Don’t drink and paddle: This one is self-explanatory but very important.
  • Always wear a life jacket on the water: You have to wear a life jacket during your kayak tours.
  • Always dress for the conditions
  • Choose an appropriate paddling location for your skill level
  • Practice re-entering your kayak from the water: This is a very important skill if you plan to kayak alone or without one of the guides.

How it goes?

Kayaking is very easy to pick up from scratch, however, requires a reasonable degree of fitness is essential; there is a minimal learning curve to get to the stage where you can paddle in a rudimentary fashion and enjoy the experience. Your guide will provide tips and tuition before the commencement of you adventurous voyage and of course, he will be with you all the time. Your guide will instruct you on how to get out of the boat if it does capsize and will encourage you to practice if you are feeling nervous.

What to bring?

You don’t need to bring any specific equipment. But on a basic level, you will need a pair of swimming shorts, long sleeve top, and shoes you don’t mind getting wet (sandals or wet shoes/boots are best, old trainers are fine). You will be provided with all of the kayaking kits)