Fly board & Jets Packs in Bali

Water jetpacks often referred to as ‘fly boards’ come in many different versions is new water sports mania that hit Bali instantaneously after its invention by French Waterman, Franky Zapata, in the year 2012. Jet pack propulsion mechanism is almost same to what you would find in a jet ski, but the jet nozzles are rather affixed to a pair of special boots, authorizing riders to manipulate in an upright standing position, as if rising in the sky like Ironman. Yes, you can’t save the world through this; however, you are free to save a remarkable memory of flying over water and cherish it.

The sensation in the legs, when highly compelled water makes you move upright is indescribable. You can ride or rather fly 10 to 15 m high above the water’s surface. Skilled riders can perform insane spectacular moves worth watching. You may try any of the moves you want as you are always protected and guided by the instructor who is always connected with you and communicate with you through waterproof radios inside your helmet that let you listen to tips and guidance from the instructor on shore. First attempts can be challenging as good balance is key! But as you move on things become more interesting.

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Water Jetpack Types and How They Work?

There are three types of craft currently offered by operators in Tanjung Benoa beach.

  • Boots type fly board
  • Jet Bike
  • Strap on backpack type

The boots type fly board is most popular and highly rated by the adventure lovers; nevertheless, Jet Bike and Backpack types are equally practiced and appreciated.

The sensational boots type fly board is powered by 700cc Yamaha Jet Ski engine, which then pumps in propulsion to the pair of nozzles attached to the boots through a high grade very flexible tube. After gearing up with helmet, life vest, and special boots, the fun starts as you uniformly go up in the air to experience the legendary Ironman’s hustle and bustle.

The second version is beautifully crafted Jet Bike, which adds maneuverability through a set of handle bars and a seat.

The third type is Strap on Backpack type that too comes with handlebars. A very light weight yet powerful Jet pack is strapped on your shoulders instead of legs makes you move upward.

Dolphin dive is a popular move to try with these jet packs to experience the true sensation of diving in the water.  Rides usually go on for a duration of 15 minutes around the coastline. You must be at least 120cm tall and have a maximum weight of 125kg. 15 minutes of magical unforgettable experience which you will remember throughout the existence.