Jet Skiing In Bali

Jet Skiing is absolutely the most recreational activity possible to have on the water. It’s rapid, it’s wild and it’s wet. Certainly fast and furious- My philosophy is: If you can’t have fun. There’s no sense doing it-Paul Walker. You’ll be bouncing over waves, doing splashy turns, passing through beautiful and stunning waves, you’ll have an absolute blast and that is undisputable. You are going to be the master of this water speed monster for 15 minutes with all the controls in your hand, you can move it fast as possible or slow down to enjoy the splashes of water or beach activities. You’ll be the person in charge. With the spray in your face, the wind in your hair and passion in your blood, you cannot fail to have a super amazing time.

Jet Skiing in Bali is absolutely available and safe for beginners. You may drive solo or with your partner or with the instructor, your choice. So get ready for this action packed personal watercraft experience. With a simple turn of a key on these beautiful and powerful machines, you are all set to zoom over the water and as the confidence build, you’ll be doing splashy turns and sharp cutting lines like the legendary James Bond.

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Riding a Jet Ski isn’t hard; it is very simple as they are fully automatic. There is no clutch or gear to worry about. You might not know, but Jet Ski, in reality, a brand name that motor company Kawasaki used when they invented the first speedy monster for the rivers back in the 70s.Since then, other well-known companies like Yamaha, SeaDoo have come up with different models which are also quite popular but all are generally known as Jet Skis these days. If you choose the Jet Ski experience for one, the machine of your choice is all your for 15 minutes. If you chose for the Shared experience, two of you share the driving and riding time on the water all the time, either as passenger or driver.

How would the things be handled?

Your day will start with an introduction and safety briefing from a fully qualified and trained instructor. You’ll learn about the speed machine, its functionality, and handling. Alike motorcycle, acceleration in a jet ski is provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side. By just twisting the throttle, the driver can increase or decrease power to the motor. Steering a jet ski requires a combination of pointing the front-mounted grips and maneuvering the body and it is not rocket science.

What it includes

  • 15 Minutes Driving Motorized Ski
  • Safety Equipment
  • Short safety briefing
  • Jet Ski Guide
  • Medical insurance
  • Free lockers

    What to Bring

    • Hat
    • Sun glasses
    • Sun screen
    • Extra pair of shoes if you want
    • T-shirts and lower etc.
    • Towel
    • Camera

    Do and don’t

    • Wear a life jacket
    • Wear a helmet
    • Take care of your machine
    • Alcohol is a big No No
    • Don’t speed (more speed more risk)
    • Use common sense