Parasailing In Bali

A fabulous drift high up in the air over the waters of Tanjung Benoa for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beautiful beach and a magnificent experience by a speed boat tugged parachute. Fly up in the air as a speedboat pulls you around the coast for a fantastic experience and a view to remember forever. Parasailing in Bali is one of the most highly recommended and admired water sports to indulge in. The feeling of being in the air with the wind hitting your face and your hair swirling in all glory is something that can’t be put into words. Moreover, the spectacular sight of the blue water underneath just adds to the beauty of the experience. Getting wet and wild in Bali is super easy and fun.

The concept is very simple; the participant wears the safety vest which is connected to the parachute. Parachute is further coupled with the 80m rope which is campaigned with a speed boat. Speed boat pulls the parachutes against the wind. This makes the parachute elevate high up in the air and here the fun begins.

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Parasailing which is also referred as Parascending or Para kiting in Bali is a crowd famous activity which fortunately can be enjoyed with your partner up in the air. Yes, if you are paranoid going along in the air then you may share your parachute with your partner or friend. However, it is pretty simple to control parachute as it does not require specialization or pro maneuvering abilities, still, you will be given instruction about how to control the parachute for proper elevation and landing before you actually board the speed boat or tied up with the parachute.

Do and don’t for parasailing

Eat enough: You are advised to eat 2 hours before you actually tie yourself with the parachute. Neither full your stomach nor go empty stomach, as both the conditions are not favorable.

Avoid alcohol: If you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug which can affect your ability to see, hear or drive then you must avoid parasailing that day.

Understand How to Control a Parachute:
It’s not so technical and not at all difficult as compare to understanding a chemical formula of a peculiar substance, it is simple and very easy to understand. Just two ropes, one at your left marked usually with blue and one at the right side marked with red. And no worries you wear the life jacket throughout the ride and two people are always there on the boat to prevent any mishap.

What to bring

Swim wear, Hat, Sun glasses, Sun screen, Sandal, Change Clothes, Towel, Camera, and Money for drinks etc.