Sea Walker In Bali

Sea Walk is a place where your soul aligns with nature; the ocean answers all your doubts and ambiance delivers peace. The excitement of your 1st breath underwater is memorable and distinguished. Believe it or not, your tans will fade but the memories you save through this sea walking experience will last forever. Your memories of this exposure will linger on forever long after your footprints are gone in the sand of waters. It is an immense desert of delight where you are never alone. You can quake the sands from your shoes but the relish of going through this sea walking experience will never leave your soul.

You don’t have to be a swimmer, you don’t have to be a good learner, you don’t have to be super smart, you just need to say yes to your ultimate desire to experience something new and here you go sea walking. A beautiful opportunity to feel the marine life certainly with a new conception. Bali is habitation to loads of watersports activities and one of the most popular now days is Sea Walker activities.

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Sanur, Tanjung Benoa and Lembongan Island are the centers of this super sensational activity. These places have the clearest and calm waters which are best suitable for activities like sea walking. Sea Walker activity is also referred as Bali Ocean Walker, Dive Walker or Bali marine walk.

The activity is best described as walking on the soften seabed with a waterproof helmet to discover the beauty of the underwater world. If you are age above 13 years, with or without swimming abilities, you are welcome to experience this unforgettable voyage of a lifetime. Sea Walker is just perfect for those who love to explore life under the sea but are not confident swimmers or do not wish to dive. Sea Walker is a soft dive system. You’ll be equipped with the latest in marine exploration technology, a helmet with transparent visor, no air tank necessary, so you feel light weight and flexible all the times. Explore the stunning underwater life and come face to face with sea life. All training is provided of course.

How it goes?

  1. Just visit the center with your voucher of entry and relax and feel closer to nature.
  2. Get into your swimsuit, then it’s off to sea walker station, it takes just a few minutes to reach the station from the center through speed boat.
  3. Take the instruction and equipment.
  4. Go down the stairs where the beautiful sea life is waiting to show its vibrant colors.
  5. Stay calm and just walk in there, the instructors are always there with you

What is included?

  • All equipment is of international safety standards.
  • Duration of activity is 30 minutes.
  • The price includes experienced instructors, boat transfers, bothie (shoes to walk by sea) and insurance for participants.
  • The price includes use of changing rooms, outdoor shower facilities, and towels

Dos and Don’t

  • find equipment that fits you
  • be comfortable in the water
  • practice before going out
  • If you are uncomfortable or tired, it might be time to rest on the surface.
  • Do not push it, stay in your limits.
  • Do not under or over eat
  • Do not drink alcohol