Meet The Sharks

Bali Sharks which are available on the Island of Bali to have a personal interaction with, can also be referred as the Serangan Sharks part of a private Island Project which is a personal nature conservation initiative with a mission to save black tip and white tip reef sharks and at the same time providing visitors with the first environmentally-friendly tour one of a kind. Serangan Island which is often referred to as Turtle Island is home to various shark and turtle conservation activities. A dignified and virtuous initiative of Paul Friese and the local Kelompok Nelayan Serangan fishermen’s group, they have built a safe 10x10m pontoon nursery in the eastern waters of Serangan Island, which houses over a dozen pups.

These special tours are appropriate for people of all ages including children, allow participants to swim and interact with the pups delivering a completely positive experience and diminishing the negative impression about sharks fabricated by movies for ever. The activity also carries a noble mission at the same time that is to educate, spread awareness, inspire human race to save sharks and better understand the species.

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The Bali Sharks project was founded by Hawaii based surfer Paul Friese. He collaborated with local Kelompok Nelayan Serangan fishermen’s group, which led to even more sharks being preserved, protected and kept in the nursery.

The Bali Sharks tour suits all ages and experience levels. Even non-swimmers can enjoy feeding and the up-close encounters. The tour also visits Serangan Island’s turtle conservation and education center, only several minutes’ drive from the nursery site, and a marine garden aquarium tour. A large variety of well shaded and open-air pools separate the turtles according to size, with supervising staff ready to provide information and brief tours. Present your kids the delight of a lifetime while also giving them an important lesson in conserving the environment. Sadly, illegal shark fishing is still a fact of life in Bali, and it’s getting extremely extraordinary to see the once common reef sharks.

Bali Sharks is the island’s first shark conservation program, submitting a bright destiny to the young sharks that get killed for either food or money. Sharks are brought to the sanctuary after they have been purchased from local fishermen or rescued from being tangled in nets. Eventually, the healthy sharks are released back into the wild. Most people get rid of their shark fear when they’re able to see just how beautiful and graceful these animals are up close.

It’s a fun, educational and inspiring day out. Bring a towel, camera, swimsuit, and sunscreen.

Shark Island & Serangan Eco Adventures

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 21:00