Bounce Trampoline Centre Bali

Bounce Bali is positioned inside the Canggu Club. An exclusive trampoline center on the island of Bali provisioning to both kids and adults at the same time. The indoor fun board is thoroughly planned out with over 65 square trampolines installed in a secure fashion including foam stuffing that warrants safe touchdowns during insane jumps. We must mention that unlike other trampolines facilities in Bali, this one is fully furnished to accommodate kids and adults at the same time. As a result, it turned out to be a fun place for a complete family to spend an hour or two here. You can simply investigate various challenges to practice or have fun jumping off walls. You can entertain yourselves or exercise by just plunging into a pool loaded with silky black foam dies.

The park is thoughtfully air-conditioned completely, supporting for delightful scores in any concourse. Spring-packed blocks empower you to produce powerful rebounds and let you traverse with ease. After just 10 minutes you spend here, you yourself will get instigated to try out and sharpen your own innovative acrobatic tricks. A few areas of the Bounce Bali trampoline center are stuffed with perpendicular trampolines furnished with basketball hoops and rings overhead supporting a diversity of games such as dodge ball and slam dunking. You are advised to wear socks inside the park at all times. You may also purchase good quality bouncing socks for only IDR 25,000 which have clutched soles for sustained and professional jumping.

There is a compact sports bar and cafe within the arena servicing snacks, drinks, and refreshments. Parents who accompany their kids at the place can unwind and relax here over a cup of coffee or a cold beer. For safety, there’s an exceptional bounce crew who standby to warrant your and kids safety all the time, If you want then go ahead and learn few tricks from them as well. They are experts.

Bounce Bali
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Bali, 80361, Indonesia