Seafood Barbeque On The Beach In Jimbaran

Jimbaran seafood cafes are vast offering an ultimate variety in seafood. Your chances of spending a distinguished evening are pretty high especially if you’re a seafood lover. Jimbaran Bay is not only one of Bali’s best places for remarkable sunsets, but it is also the most popular coast to enjoy grilled seafood. Seafood cafes, which in Bahasa Indonesia are called as Pantai Muaya, are mostly open afternoon until late. Around 20 cafes chained along with the sea shores offer fresh-grilled seafood served at candlelit tables on the sand, making it a perfect place to have fun at with your partner or family.

The beautiful wooden tables with parasols down to the tide’s edge decorated with attractive palm leaf shining in candle lights and you are served with your favorite smoking hot delicious seafood which is continuously emitting white smog, you take your fork to pick your first bite and suddenly see the sky which is constantly changing colors from blue to orange, purple, pink. Wow, you must go there. Eating fresh and saucy seafood from one of the warungs( restaurant) on the Jimbaran beach that serves hot grilled seafood right at the water’s edge in a beautiful evening embellished with the colorful sky is a must-do activity. You simply pick what you like from the fishes, crabs, lobsters and much more on display and pay by the gram.