Pandawa Beach In Jimbaran

Pandawa Beach also known as ‘Pantai Pandawa’  showcases an outstanding beach experience and at the same time enriched with large statues, each representing a character from the Mahabharata epic, known as the ‘five Pandawas’, hence the name of the beach. A variety of water sports, gear rentals, cafes, and stalls serving seafood barbecues and local cuisine are on site.

Pandawa Beach was once categorized as ‘Secret Beach’ and it was officially opened in 2012, is renowned for the panoramic views of white sand, huge the Indian Ocean and impressive man-made limestone carvings.Huge cliffs were cut through to make way which leads down to the beach. The sides remained as high walls, while the ocean-facing cliffs feature large statues each depicting the characters from the Mahabharata epic, known as ‘five Pandawas’. There are six white stone statues namely Dewi Kunti, Dharmawangsa (also known by the name Yudhistira), Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadewa.

The water at Pandawa Beach is an exotic combination of blue and green and on clear days, it is a great place to swim, surf, or kayaking.