Suluban Beach in Jimbaran

Home to Bali’s most unique seashores and ultra-waves, masked by natural limestone frame, Suluban beach serves pro surfers considerably as a base to paddle out and ride the nearest reef breaks. Suluban beach, also known as, Blue Point, ideal to watch surfers playing with the tides and an outstanding spot to witness the energetic water sports in Bali. Entrance to the beach is through narrow gaps in the rocks generates an awesome 3D effect and an amazing vista. Suluban Beach lies at the end of Jalan Mamo in the coastal area of Labuan Sait, the same locality shared by beautiful surf spot Padang Padang.

Parking is at the roadside, right before the stairs down to the beach. Here, you initiate a 10-minute walk down through concrete steps. You will have an opportunity here to energize yourself by taking some bites through cafes or you may try locally famous Bintang beer. Few surfboard rentals and art shops also mark their presence which is interesting to check out. Then after, you can follow down a narrow escarpment. Narrow and steep, a long log parallel to a large cavern serves as a boardwalk that leads you over some rocks and onto the soft sand. The cave is also a favorite campsite as tents and bonfires are pretty frequent in the evenings.

There are several mini caves that you can explore which lead to different sections of the beach. Lifeguards are on duty at the cliff top ensuring no mishap. Be sure to watch the tides, as currents can be strong, and waves can crash through cave openings.