Nusa Dua beach-Everything you need to know

Nusa Dua beach is known as the deluxe district of Bali including many high-end resorts, and hotels. These hotels promise a swanky and upscale vacation in Bali. Nusa Dua beach is translated as ‘Two Islands’ in Bahasa Indonesia. Nusa Dua beach, utterly dedicated for tourists is not a leaf out of place tourist junction. Where people are welcome to enjoy an upscale hotel or resort experience. Nusa Dua beach area also exhibits swanky white sandy beaches, a spectacular Water Blow, cultural centers, theaters, posh and stylish restaurants with world-class dining options.

Nusa Dua beach temptations can take up a substantial portion of your Bali photo albums and travel diaries. Nusa Dua exhibits a broad range of commendable locations to discover. Besides the ostentatious hotels and resorts, Nusa Dua, comprising of Pandawa Beach and Pantai Mengiat at its abdomen, Devdan show, Garuda Wishnu Kencana(GWK) showcasing the traditional Balinese culture and ravishing Bali National Golf Club. You may also have fun at Camel safari. Which is certainly going to be a great experience for your family. For art lovers, Museum Pasifika is a remarkable place. It homes a wide collection of rare art from around Asia and the Pacific region. Nusa Dua beach is famous for snorkeling and surfing experiences as the water is clear and waves are comfy.

In short, it is the world away from much of the rest of Bali. Here are some of the best things to do in Nusa Dua which let you indulge in fun and adventure to the next level.


Best Things To Do around Nusa Dua beach

devdan show-things to do in bali-grouptoursbaliDevdan Show

Devdan – Treasure of the archipelago is a breathtaking, spectacular and competently choreographed stage performance at Bali Nusa Dua Theater. It is a powerful and vivacious visual tour of Indonesian civilization and diversity. This gorgeous Bali show exhibits a blend of conventional Indonesian dance activities with super fancy modern contemporary dance, world-class aerial acrobatics, dazzling costumes and hi-tech special effects.

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Pandawa BeachPandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach also known as ‘Pantai Pandawa’  showcases an outstanding beach experience and at the same time enriched with large statues, each representing a character from the Mahabharata epic, known as the ‘five Pandawas’, hence the name of the beach. A variety of water sports, gear rentals, cafes, and stalls serving seafood barbecues and local cuisine are on site.

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Water Blow Nusa DuaWater Blow

Water Blow located in Nusa Dua peninsula, southeast tip of the island of Bali, a remarkable show of nature, where the immensely powerful arrogant waves from the Indian Ocean constantly crash against the jagged limestone with an intention to rupture and break it into pieces but the hulking rocks not ready to give up, abide by its roots, stands tranquilly and enjoys the water shower. An outstanding exhibition of the ancient rivalry between ocean and rocks under the cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine can be seen at Water Blow, Nusa Dua.

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Bali Camel SafariBali Camel Safaris

Bali Camel Safaris attempts a special approach to feel the beach on the southern Sawangan coast of Nusa Dua. Well-prepared and trained camels give you a ride which is more than just different. The southern Sawangan coast of Nusa Dua welcomes you on a fluctuating but pacific ride along the gorgeous white-golden beach. Camel rides are for a minimum booking of two persons.

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garuda wishnu kencanaGaruda Wisnu Kencana(GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, also referred by its acronym ‘GWK’, is a multi purpose open-air site that covers 250 hectares in the hills of Ungasan. The significant highlight in GWK is the yet-to-be-completed gigantic eminent statue illustrating the Hindu god Vishnu riding on the back of the mythical Garuda eagle. For now, the upper head and torso, the Garuda head, and Vishnu’s hands are located in separate sites within the complex. Once completed, the monument will rise 145 meters high and will be included in the world’s list of tallest landmarks.

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surf and turf beach club-beach club in bali-grouptoursbaliSurf & Turf

Surf & Turf, a splashing fun awaits you at Nusa Dua Beach. If you are aspiring to be a great surfer but do not know where to start from then Surf & Turf Nusa Dua is the best place to start from. This super 3300 sqm beach club and amusement water park, managed by Tjendana Corporation is one good alternative available to you if you feel fear riding the waves alone in the gigantic Ocean. Surf & turf is not only for aspiring surfers but a perfect place for the complete family fun designed on beach club concept. Besides being the first surf rider in Bali, it features water slides, space bowl, restaurant & bar, moreover a beach club with an outstanding pool.

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bali national golf courseBali National Golf Club

Formerly Bali Golf & Country Club, now renowned as Bali National Golf Club is located within a 20 minutes’ drive from Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport, awarded as Best Renovated Golf Course in Asia 2014, 3rd Best Renovated Golf Course Worldwide 2015, 5th Best Golf Resort in Asia Pacific offers a truly lavish golfing experience to visitors. This extravagant golf club comprises of three remarkable playing environments throughout the 18-hole course. Hole 1 through 9 showcases watercourses, canyons, and rich flora and fauna.  Whereas, Hole 10 through 16 offer the golfer lush engraved fairways through a mature grove and lastly Hole 17 and 18  are challenging enough for every golfer to examine their skill set.

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Museum PasifikaMuseum Pasifika

Inspired by Balinese life themes, Museum Pasifika showcases an aggregation of authentic historical artifacts and ethnic and artistic items from over 200 artists from 25 countries. Eleven different exhibitions under one roof display collections including Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Indo-European and French, Japanese and Chinese artists. One roof that exhibits around 350 painting, 250 historical objects created by 200 artists from 25 different countries. This jackpot for art lovers continuously attracts visitors from all over the world. The Museum was initiated by few art lovers and antique collectors from Indonesia and France and now home to hundreds of beautiful paintings.

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puja mandala-nusa duaPuja Mandala

Puja Mandala can be referred to as a complete prayer block comprising different places of worships of the five main religions in Indonesia. An exceptional cultural and religious complex which is also known as ‘hill of worship’. Puja Mandala is a few minutes’ drive up from the main Bali Tourism Development Complex (BTDC). The beautiful two-hectare hilltop includes Budha Guna-Buddhist temple, Jagatnathia- Hindu temple, Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa-Catholic Church, GKPB Jemaat Bukut Dua-Protestant Church and Agung Ibnu Batutah-Islamic mosque.

A beautiful landmark for Nusa Dua and epitome of religious harmony.

Location:Puja Mandala, ,Jalan Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan,Bali, Indonesia

nusa dua beachNusa Dua Beach (Pantai Mengiat)

Nusa Dua Beach locally referred to as Pantai Mengiat, is one main beach in the Nusa Dua area approachable from Bali Tourism Development Complex gardens. The coastline exhibits the beachfront of several five-star resorts. This beach is famed for best swimming and snorkeling activities as the waters near the beach are serene and great for swimming or snorkeling, however, the waves beyond offer great surfing playgrounds. The water is very quiet and pleasant for swimming since the waves cannot crash on the beach because of few offshore reefs protecting it. Furthermore, there are several local restaurants or warungs nearby serving good quality seafood and other varieties. You will get to see the unique “Pirates" restaurant as well. If you reach early in the morning then you may spot few fishermen also head out to sea from this beach with their traditional wooden boats. Overall, a great place if you want to explore the beautiful and pleasant beach in Nusa Dua or to try a glass-bottom boat ride and fishing trips.

geger temple nusa duaGeger Temple

Geger Temple also known as Pura Geger located in Nusa Dua, this cliff top temple, comparatively quiet and away from the crowd where many Hindus pray especially when the temple ceremonies are held. The temple is built from the rigid gray stone, bright silk umbrellas offset the dark stone and the two guardian statues invite the visitor to the inner areas. Gilt decoration above the doorways adds to the effect. Geger Temple is located on the south end of the beach with a location slightly uphill, at the end of the cliff.

Geger temple has been very long established is a historical and cultural rampart surrounded by the modern five-star luxury resorts. The temple presents a great setting for those who love landscape photography, and on clear mornings you can enjoy beautiful vistas with Mount Agung on the horizon. Visitors can use a vehicle to go directly to Geger Temple with the small road entrance from the Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan. Geger Temple is facilitated with large parking lot for the visitors.

Location: Geger Beach, Peminge Village, Nusa Dua