Water Blow At Nusa Dua

Water Blow located in Nusa Dua peninsula, southeast tip of the island of Bali, a remarkable show of nature, where the immensely powerful arrogant waves from the Indian Ocean constantly crash against the jagged limestone with an intention to rupture and break it into pieces but the hulking rocks not ready to give up, abide by its roots, stands tranquilly and enjoys the water shower. An outstanding exhibition of the ancient rivalry between ocean and rocks under the cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine can be seen at Water Blow, Nusa Dua.  When the Ocean waves hit the reefs, the water pressure suddenly gets increased in the various cavities hooked up together along the coast making it explode and sprayed in the air. An excellent place to visit for honeymoon couples and families to take picture perfect shots and at the same time fun place for everyone who enjoys water splashes. Framed by millions of photographers, suitable for pre-wedding photo albums, honeymoon pictures and family’s pictures extremely photogenic water blow welcomes you for a noteworthy experience at Bali.


The place is full of coral reefs with narrow openings, bouncing waves, cloudless sky, bright sun, and balmy winds. From a little distance, the bouncing waves create an illusion of white foam flying in the firmament. You are not allowed to dive or swim as you stand far above from sea level and it is dangerous too.

You can easily reach the lookout point where you’ll find 240 degrees of dramatic seascape, with the irregular splashes and sprays simply adding to the fun of it. As it is a lookout place so not lifeguards are available around the area and swimming or diving is highly restricted. The  ‘water blows’ result from the tapering crag below the cliff face that conduct a massive flow of water up to 30m high from its base. While it is a pleasant view for taking photos, be sure to protect your camera gear from the unpredictable splashes and sprays.

Water Blow serves as a favorite weekend spot for locals and guests. The site allows free access for the public.