Sanur-Top Attractions

Sanur Beach and encircling areas are one of the first resort areas in Bali. In spite of this; it is still quite prosperous in history and retains much of its old ambiance from its former days. The nightlife in Sanur is not as bustling as in Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. Yet, it retains the tag of being the center of attraction for people willing to explore the real side of Bali which is rich in culture and traditional customs. Sanur features numerous small connected chains of beaches. Sanur beaches are rather tranquil and placid facilitating the area to be the most appropriate and safe for water sports activities.The activities such as Sea Walker, Snorkeling, and Kite Surfing are pretty popular here. With a pleasant paved path throughout the chained beaches, where locals and expats enjoy morning jogs, cycling and splendid evening walks against the glowing sun. The seaside is shared by some earliest pioneering hotels and boutique resorts.


Attractions in Sanur for you to uncover

sea walk in bali-bali water sportsBali Seawalker

Bali Seawalker is an excellent activity for anyone hoping to enjoy Bali’s best water sports and marine life teaming up with super adventurous experience. The Bali Seawalker ensures a safe and fun time out for families.  An exciting opportunity to go under the flashy waves with a precisely designed helmet, and then frankly walk on the sand bed to explore peppery reefs with vivid fishes, put together a WOW experience. An absolutely safe activity administrated from above and under the sea water. The mesmerizing tour can be rejoiced not only by adults but kids above 10 years also. No diving experience or swimming skills are necessary; no certifications are necessary. Read More

Museum Le Mayeur-sanurLe Mayeur Museums

Le Mayeur Museum is a secret treasure to cherish located right on the main Sindhu beach of Sanur.  This memorial museum showcases the artworks and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, a Brussels-born artist who dedicated his entire life to the two beautiful things; his love for Bali and women. He fell in love with a Legong dancer, Ni Pollok, who he later married and broadly featured in his oil paintings.

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Swimming With Sharks-sanurBali Sharks

Bali Sharks which are available on the Island of Bali to have a personal interaction with, can also be referred as the Serangan Sharks part of a private Island Project which is a personal nature conservation initiative with a mission to save black tip and white tip reef sharks and at the same time providing visitors with the first environmentally-friendly tour one of a kind. Serangan Island which is often referred to as Turtle Island is home to various shark and turtle conservation activities.

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Bali Kite Festival-sanurBali Kites Festival

Bali Kites are massive; sometimes a whopping 10-15 meters long and tails 10 times that length, YES! It’s huge. It is truly a larger than life experience to witness such gigantic kites flying in the high clear blue firmament of the island of gods. The unusually big kites with different shapes including giant inflatable, double box kites with wings, Novelties, Traditional, Para foils, Rokkakus and most of the other kite types you may have heard about are seen in the sky of Bali.

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bali spaSpa and massage treatment

Pamper yourself with a day of extreme relaxation, recreation, well-being, and fitness in an opulent and posh spa setting with a minimal cost. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Get pampered by a well-trained and expert therapist, who renders you fine, professional service and thoughtful responses that serve your needs both mental and physical. Bali is famous for its spas and massage and world class spa and massage can be enjoyed at almost every part of Bali. Most of the hotels, Guest houses

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dream island sanurDream Island Bali

A spectacular beach, plenty of romantic moments, a fanciful ride on Camel, an awesome photograph, outstanding ethnic food, an opportunity to relax in a high voltage spa and lots of water sports activities. Hereby we introduce you with one outstanding Rendezvous in Sanur, the beautiful Dream Island Bali. A perfect place to enjoy your day in Sanur with various activities spanning from Camel & Horse Rides, Windsurfing, Canoeing, Stand up Paddle Boards, Dive & Snorkeling and Many more exciting activities to take pleasure in.

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Bali Orchid Garden Bali Orchid Garden

This beautified Orchid Garden located within the green belt close to Sanur, presenting a tropical garden with a tranquil and relaxing environment where exquisite orchids and selected plants from different ancestries cover the entire territory with the sweet fragrance throughout the year. Within this relaxing tropical garden, many different tropical plants including Cordylines, Bromeliads, Heliconia, Aroids, pitcher plants (Nepenthes) and much more from Indonesia and abroad have been growing and complimenting the beautiful nature and its miracles. Read More

Bali Beach Golf course-sanur-Bali Beach Golf course

Sanur has its very own 9 holes golf course – the Bali Beach Golf course. Perfect for a couple of hours soothing and comfy golf experience, located in Sanur and exhibiting super fancy and elite grounds facilities which provides challenges to all golfers of all skill levels.

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Taman Festival sanurTaman Festival

The kinkiest place on this list is a forsaken theme park now considered a ghost town by some of the local Balinese people who deem that long abandoned places are eventually inhabited by spirits; Instead of focusing on spirits which we are yet to discover, we must tell you that it is an outstanding photo location for people looking for a gloomy, and mysterious type of setting considering the still upright but decayed structures of its buildings with partially collapsed roofs, a theatre, few deteriorated paintings, Large statues and ornamental figures, few uncompleted structures which are covered with dust, few massive trees around the courtyards and a crocodile pit which was abandoned 14 years ago. Rumors say that abandoned Read More