Bali Kites Festival In Sanur

Bali Kites are massive; sometimes a whopping 10-15 meters long and tails 10 times that length, YES! It’s huge. It is truly a larger than life experience to witness such gigantic kites flying in the high clear blue firmament of the island of gods. The unusually big kites with different shapes including giant inflatable, double box kites with wings, Novelties, Traditional, Para foils, Rokkakus and most of the other kite types you may have heard about are seen in the sky of Bali.

The kites ingeniously crafted from large numbers of nylon or polyester panels, these kites are most often inspired by sea creatures. With the 100s of man-hours put into these creations, it’s not surprising that they can cost quite a bit. Sometimes many bridle lines and keels are necessary to help keep the shape flat and rectangular in the air. You will frequently see a 3Dgeometric artwork flying high at the beaches of Bali. However, the kite festival is mostly organized at Padang Galak beach on the northern end of Sanur as it has a great stretch of black sand and a grassy field too.

The festival commonly takes place between July and August following the favorable weather conditions. If you are in Sanur in the month of July then you will have the opportunity to see the stunning sight of thousands of kites in the skies. The skies are simply thriving with these colorful creatures floating in the air. Kites are an undivided part of Balinese culture and the festival is supplemented with traditional gamelan music.

To check the dates for the next kite festival, you may either visit the government’s website or follow them on Facebook or any other social media site.