Taman Festival Bali (Theme park that was never completed) In  Sanur

The kinkiest place on this list is a forsaken theme park now considered a ghost town by some of the local Balinese people who deem that long abandoned places are eventually inhabited by spirits; Instead of focusing on spirits which we are yet to discover, we must tell you that it is an outstanding photo location for people looking for a gloomy, and mysterious type of setting considering the still upright but decayed structures of its buildings with partially collapsed roofs, a theatre, few deteriorated paintings, Large statues and ornamental figures, few uncompleted structures which are covered with dust, few massive trees around the courtyards and a crocodile pit which was abandoned 14 years ago. Rumors say that abandoned crocodiles eventually resorted to cannibalism. Take extra caution around the stumble downed buildings.

If you yourself are a big fan of all things creepy, don’t miss out on one of the spookiest spots in Bali!


Taman Festival Bali, Padang Galak
No., Jl. Padang Galak No.3, Kesiman, Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia