Seminyak Beach-top attractions

Seminyak, north of Legian, spa and boutique shopping capital of Bali. Also famed for its white sandy beaches and extravagant beach clubs. You would find it unbelievable that only a decade ago this was a lonely, impoverished village and something of a backwater. Development transpired at an exceptional speed and turned this old-fashioned village into an upscale party district. The surroundings are a little laid back than Kuta, and especially beaches in Seminyak are quieter during the day. However, the classy beaches clubs are packed with people who prefer a more elegant vacation than just strolling on the beach.

Seminyak has its very own white sandy beaches which are perfect for honeymoon couples and families. Another reason to visit Seminyak is to enjoy the fabulous beach bars and cafes that run along the coastlines. Here you will discover a huge number of choices assuring that you get the best to satisfy your taste buds. Many of the restaurants have foreign chefs in residence. So if you want to try some fine dining then this is a great place to do it. With that said, Seminyak offers great alternatives for budget travelers to taste the enormous varieties available at local Warungs (small restaurant in Bahasa Indonesia). Check out other areas in Bali.

People also drop into Seminyak for its scorching nightlife. Despite the fact that the nightlife at Seminyak is a little tamer than neighboring Kuta. Yet few outstanding nightclubs, bars, and LGTB friendly zone embellish the place after dark.  Kuta features a never-ending list of nightclubs and bars. Seminyak is more centralized on beach clubs where you can swig a sparkling cocktail with your feet scratching the sand. Additionally, Seminyak is well known for its upscale shopping opportunities. Some of the biggest branded outlets chose to glow this place with their classy presentations. It is literally a shopping paradise with amazing options packed at one place to let you shop until you drop.

Seminyak touches other regions like Petitenget, Umalas, and Kerobokan which are also developing swiftly. However, this certainly has its downside as the whole district has become a little congested. On a good note, the new road works have just finished which diminished the traffic by as much as 50%. Still, between 3 pm to 6 pm, it is better to avoid traveling.

It is pretty easy to find the night clubs, beach clubs or restaurants in Seminyak as they are easy to locate. In view of this, we have compiled a list here to give you altogether a different experience. These following attractions also serve as great spots to explore Seminyak from a different angle.

Top Attractions In Seminyak

seminyak beachSeminyak Beach

Situated on the west coast of the southern region of Bali, to the north of Kuta and south of Umalas. Seminyak Beach is rather placid during the daytime. It’s calm, bright and breezy environment bestows a flawless site to enjoy with your friends or partner. Perfectly suitable for honeymoon couples, or families. 

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horse riding seminyak beach

Horse riding

One of the most important activities at Seminyak beach or rather Bali is the opportunity to go horse riding. Well, it may be not for professional horse riders, who like to crash the wind with the speed, but for honeymoon couples, or families with kids this would be a mesmerizing voyage of fun and adventure. Read More

Escape Room Bali

Escape Room Bali

Escape Room Bali presents an excellent indoor fun with four deeply engaging escape room challenges. The objective is to escape the room within a limited time. The challenging activity is focused on problem-solving abilities and source to unlimited laughter and fun with your partner. Escape room is suitable for families, friends and absolutely ideal for corporate events. Read More


Dream museum zone-things to do in bali-grouptoursbaliDream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali 3D

The 3D Illusion art started from Korea and have been praised all over the world is in Bali now. Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali tenders a terrific time indoors and showcases a collection of exciting 3D illusion art. Deeply engaging large-scale wall paintings that create a three-dimensional effect for photos. Read More

totem room escape

Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali. Simply a wow place if you have problem-solving attitude and love to take and beat challenges. Totem Room Escape Challenge is a truly fun hour indoors in Seminyak. Here you are put into complexly crafted game rooms and encounter a scenario with a series of puzzles. Certainly, it will leave your mind boggling with surprises.Read More

Petitenget Temple

Petitenget Temple

Petitenget Temple or Pura Petitenget in the local language is a relatively small but a centuries-old temple. Located close to Petitenget Beach is considered as cultural landmarks at the island’s upscale beach resort area of Seminyak.Read More

Double Six BeachDouble Six Beach

Double Six Beach, also referred to as ‘Blue Ocean Beach’ or ‘Oberoi Beach’. It is a beautiful stretch of golden-white sand lined with hip bars and restaurants offering all-day dining. However, the big crowds come at around sunset time. This beautiful double six beach is famous for absolutely delicious seafood under colorful parasols, beach bags and even mini tables on the sand. Read More

Location: Jalan Air Terjun Sing-Sing, Banjar, Buleleng

nyaman gallery

Nyaman Gallery

Nyaman Gallery is a comfy and beautiful art space on the Seminyak Road of Jalan Basangkasa. Featuring a disparate collection of contemporary flawless art pieces aesthetically created by local Indonesian emerging artists, and international talents. The word ‘Nyaman’ means comfortable or cozy and that is what you feel when you step in the gallery. Read More

Biasa-Art space
Biasa Art Space

Biasa Art Space was founded by Susanna Perini in the year 2005. With an objective to present and promote proficient and gifted Indonesian artists to both local and international level. Over the years, Biasa Art Space has progressively become a reference point in the development of contemporary art in Indonesia. Read More

Azul Beach club-beach club in bali-grouptoursbali

Beach Clubs

Seminyak is progressively becoming the center for most of the beach club activities. The well-formed and alluring beach clubs are packed with everything you can expect for a beautiful vacation. Most of them have successfully brought the international party vibes on this beautiful island of gods. On the other hand, few fistfuls have maintained their local and traditional touch. Read More