Escape Room Bali-Everything You Need To Know

Escape Room BaliEscape Room Bali presents an excellent indoor fun with four deeply engaging escape room challenges. With the objective of escaping from the room within a limited time, the challenging activity is focused on problem-solving abilities and source to unlimited laughter and fun with your partner, family or friends, and absolutely ideal for corporate events.

Are you looking for something extraordinary and exceptionally special, which will entertain both you and the kids? Escape Rooms are an exquisite way to lay out some wonderful time with your partners or family, as you work as a team to escape from the mysterious and puzzling rooms. A great place for an unforgettable day if you like challenges and solving puzzles.

The comprehensive experience at Escape Room is driven by the specific game you choose. Currently, there are 4 themes to choose from. The first one is ‘Up-Bon Voyage’ where you are trapped in a house and expected to find the keys to out within 45 minutes before the whole house that is filled with big balloons of different shapes floats away. Clues are given to find keys if you guess the puzzles correctly you move up to next level where you get another clue.

The other challenge is ‘The Abandoned Factory’ where you are captured by a group of terrorists who have planted bombs in the city and you are expected to find bombs and defuse it. The other challenges are ‘Gallery – The Insidious Art Thief’ and ‘Prison Break’.  Besides the props and decoration, the theme also affects the game’s difficulty level, making sure visitors of all ages will be met with a worthy challenge.

Your victory or defeat depends on if your team is able to escape the room within 45 minutes. That will certainly get your brains running and adrenaline rushing!

Escape Room Bali
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: Jalan Sunset Road No. 88, Seminyak Tel: +62 (0)812 38990101, +62 (0)81 999111872