Horse Riding In Bali

horse riding seminyak beachOne of the most important activities at Seminyak beach or rather Bali is the opportunity to go horse riding. Well, it may be not for professional horse riders, who like to crash the wind with the speed, but for honeymoon couples, or families with kids this would be a mesmerizing voyage of fun and adventure. This activity will eat a good chunk of your camera’s memory. Riding a horse in the beautiful evening along the beach side with your beloved sitting beside you is not only romantic but a sweet memory that can be cherished for a life time.

Trips to the beach usually take two hours to complete and you can ride along the beach from Seminyak to Canggu. You would be accompanied by the professional guides to lead you along the sand to make sure that you can enjoy the ocean views in a safe and serene environment. You can choose from a variety of horse or pony available at the beach front. Any color, any height, a ride of your choice to take you on an unforgettable voyage, in a beautiful evening when the sky is vibrant with changing colors from blue to yellow, orange and pink.

The horse ride is completely safe and adorable. The horses are well trained and moreover, professional guides are always there holding the rope and giving you important tips to explore more fun and adventure while you are in Bali. The guides are kind enough to stop and take beautiful pictures from your camera on request.