Monkey Forest-Everything You Need To Know

monkey forest in baliMonkey Forest is one of the best tourist attractions in Bali. Monkey Forest is a lush landscape that houses 700 monkeys, three holy Hindu temples. And at the same time, thousands of trees, spectacular sculptures and an amazing glimpse of Balinese culture. Yes!!! This is Monkey Forest in Ubud. Monkey Forest is also referred to as Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana. Another name is Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Monkey forest is a popular tourist attraction and often visited by over 12.000 tourists every month.

This green and a dense swath of jungle are inhabited by over 700 gray haired long tail Balinese monkeys. The monkeys are sometimes greedy but most of the times just curious to see people taking selfies with them. An outstanding place to pay a visit especially when you are with your family.

Monkey Forest- management

The Monkey Forest lies within the village of Padangtegal. The forest is owned by village members serving as the Monkey Forest’s governing council at the same time. The Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation manages the Monkey Forest. The foundation is proactive in the conservation of monkeys and forest’s sacred integrity. It also promotes the Monkey Forest as a great destination for visitors. The people from the village consider the forest as an important spiritual, educational and conservation center. The villagers have a common goal of creating peace and harmony for visitors from all over the world. Taking this into their top priorities they perform various ritual ceremonies inside the forest on regular basis. Monkey forest is home to few rarest plants and tree as well. You will find trees that are hundreds of years old within the sanctuary. The villagers believe that planting trees and saving animal will ultimately bring peace and love to everyone.

Monkey Forest-Monkeys

The lush green monkey Forest is expanded to about 10 hectares and includes 115 different species of trees that are home around 700 long tail Balinese monkeys. The park staff feeds sweet potato to monkeys three times a day providing them with their main source of food in the park. Although, bananas and other fruits are available on sale in the park for tourists who are willing to feed monkeys.

The monkeys keep a very keen eye on passing tourists in hope of getting some handouts. But the best part is that most of the monkeys like humans and enjoy their company. Still, it would be a good idea not to leave your bags or personal items unattended. Or else you will have to try lots of tricks to get them back from a monkey. You know monkeys; they are smart, intelligent and super-fast. The monkeys sleep at night and display activities during the daytime. Monkey in the forest can be viewed mating, fighting, and caring for their young ones at a very close range.

Temples in Monkey Forest

The Sanctuary holds three holy Hindu temples:

  • The Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal “Padangtegal Great temple of Death”
  • The Pura Beji
  • The Pura Prajapati.

Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal is for worshipping god Hyang Widhi as an avatar of Shiva. Pura Beji is for worshipping Hyang Widhi as an avatar of Gangga and Pura Prajapati is for worshipping Hyand Widhi in the personification of Prajapati.

Enter the monkey forest through one of three gates: the main one at the southern end of Monkey Forest Rd; from 100m further east, near the car park; or from the southern side, on the lane from Nyuhkuning. Useful brochures about the forest, macaques, and temples are available at the entry gates.

What NOT to do at Monkey Forest?

  • For the sake of the monkeys’ health, visitors are prohibited from feeding those snacks such as peanuts, cookies, biscuits, and bread.
  • The monkey and the mythologies associated with them are significant in the Balinese art tradition. So visitors are expected to respect the animal and not to try and harm them.
  • The Monkey Forest area is sanctified by the local community, and some parts of it are not open to view by the public. Sacred areas of the temples are closed to everyone except those willing to pray and wear proper Balinese praying attire.
  • Dogs can intimidate the monkeys, so they are not allowed in the Ubud Monkey Forest.
  • Do not bring anything with you that you don’t want to lose. Better, don’t bring anything but the admission fee and your camera. This includes sunglasses, flashy jewelry or anything you might have hanging off you.
  • If you are bitten or scratched during your visit to Monkey Forest, you must seek medical attention to ensure that you do not get an infection.

The Monkey Forest grounds have a forest conservation area, a public hall, and a gallery. You may also spot an open stage, a canteen, a first aid center. A police post, parking and toilet facilities, and a composting facility are also available.


Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571,Phone: (0361) 971304