Pod Chocolate Bali Factory And Tour

Pod Chocolate Bali is one of Bali’s few chocolate producers that entertain those crave for sweets and have super fancy desires about chocolates. With its extensive series of hand-carved pleasures, Pod chocolates present the opportunity to discover the method and process of chocolate production from seed to block at its owned factory and plant in Bali. The plant in the lush township of Carangsari that is estimated 90-minute drive from Kuta area embraces families to its great sagacious trips, tours, and works.

A standard tour at the Pod Chocolate plant commences with a friendly delightful drink that is an exceptional chocolate shot. Then after, you will be led to various different levels of the chocolate production method. The steps of chocolate making include determinations of good quality of cacao beans out of the convenient plantation, fresh harvest to fermentation roasting. An interesting fact is that even ahead of the beans are addressed to fermentation and roasting, they are white and little humid possess a bright delicious sweet taste and they grow on trees. At the Pod Chocolate factory, you can enjoy cacao beans in their simplest, afresh harvested fashion solely during discovering of the farming and harvesting process.

The family package to visit Pod Factory combines chocolate tasting, making, light snacks and lunch (optional) at the cafe which is located Kuta Sunset Road displaying the range of chocolate morsels and desserts. The cafe and Pod Factory’s Sunset Road branch is positioned connecting Rip Curl and Carrefour Plaza Kuta. Pod Chocolate Bali also has a burgeoning hotel and restaurant portfolio as well and their products can be found at all major hotels, restaurants, and cafe. So next time when you go out dining at any of the significant eateries in Bali don’t forget to check out their display under the desserts segment.


Pod Origin (Pod Bali Chocolate)
Jalan Tukad Ayung, Carangsari, Petang, Carangsari, Petang, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80353, Indonesia