Bali rivers-Water rafting Bali-Things you need to know

Rivers in Bali are famous primarily for water rafting Bali. Bali is charming and Bali seashores, mountains, and volcanoes are gems and pearls in Bali to explore. Bali beaches offer plentiful to bring you into the unconventional world of sheer happiness. However, if you aspire to extemporize your Bali adventure with few more mind-blowing actions, then the next stimulating action on board is to undergo the adrenaline rush in Bali rivers with water rafting Bali activity. Bali rivers are mostly filled with plenty of waters all seasons. The ambiance around Bali rivers is outstanding embellished with waterfalls and lush mountains. At the same time, you get to explore the extensive species living in the waters of rivers.

Water rafting Bali is another way to experience the “real Bali.”  This everyone’s favorite activity will supercharge your mind and soul and bring out the best of you. Watersports in Bali Rivers has its own charm. White water rafting, canyon tubing, and kayaking are few of the most famous outdoor white water activities. These are highly recommended and must do activities.

Bali is embellished with three main rivers on which water rafting Bali activity is performed.

  • Ayung River (Ubud)
  • Telaga Waja River (Karangasem Regency)
  • Melangit River (Klungkung)

    Ayung River and Telaga Waja River are most popular for water rafting Bali activity. They are popular due to their locations and rafting challenges.

white water rafting-rafting on clear water
Ayung River
Ayung River (Ubud) is stretched out in 10 kilometers and it requires approximately 1.5-2 hours finishing the superb rafting experience...
Telaga Waja
Telaga Waja (Karangasem Regency) incorporates 16 kilometers of outstanding Island’s area and it takes almost 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the finish line.

Activities to perform on Bali rivers-Water rafting Bali-Canyon Tubing-Kayaking

white water rafting bali-bali water sportsRafting In Bali

Rafting is another way to experience the “real Bali.”The raft crosses different grades of rapid classes. At the same instance; you get closer to natural habitats of different species living within the river. Rafting path in Bali is designed in such a way to bring you closer to the outstanding panoramic views of waterfalls, green lush landscapes, and picturesque mountains all at the same time. Read More

canyon tubing in bali-bali water sportsCanyon Tubing

No paddles are involved as you just lace up a helmet and life vest. Let the consistent currents take you on a voyage of a great fun and adventure. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze in mountains united with natural scenes. All while sliding around 40km downstream in your inflatable tube. Get ready for some thrills.Read More


bali kayak-bali water sports

Kayaking in Bali


kayaking isn’t just for those looking to battle with powerful rivers or challenging waves in the ocean. It can be a truly unforgettable experience for those who are just interested soaking in the beauty of ocean or rivers. If you prefer to respect the vulnerable natural beauty around the rivers or just want to enjoy a calm, peaceful and relaxed afternoon then kayaking in Bali rivers is a must do activity for you. 

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