Gitgit Waterfalls-Waterfalls In Bali

Possibly the most famous waterfall on the island of gods, Gitgit waterfall is just 10km drive south of the Singaraja in North Bali and can be easily approachable from the main Bedugul-Singaraja road. Unlike most of the waterfalls in Bali, GitGit waterfall in Singaraja is one of the easiest to find and most popular waterfall amongst tourists and locals at the same time. Because of the convenience of accessibility, GitGit has grown up as one of Bali’s most renowned tourist attractions. The waterfall is approximately thirty-five meters above the ground level, surrounded by lush vegetation.

It also provides a relatively easy trek, with a wooden boardwalk over a small gorge and cool streams. And yes, we don’t know if this information is helpful or not but the local believe that couples who bathe together under the waterfall will separate soon after their visit.

Few things to know about waterfalls in Bali

  • Even in dry season, waterfalls in Bali have plenty of water to work very well
  • To reach the most of the waterfalls in Bali you might need 15-20 minutes of light hiking.
  • Take a swim suit with you as most of the waterfalls volunteer an outstanding opportunity to get wet
  • The genuine time to visit waterfalls is normally lunch time. The water is cool and refreshing. Your hike through rain forests will hide you from the sun.
  • If you are lost on your walk to the waterfall, use local word ‘air terjun’ (pronounced as ‘ah-eer-ter-joon’) because in remote areas locals don’t know English.

After reaching the base after a few minutes’ trek by foot, you can immediately appreciate the magnificent 40m towering spout steadily plunging into the rocky pool with a small shrine that ‘guards’ the site. You can enjoy a cool plunge in the pool. Tickets are less than a dollar (only IDR 5,000) per person. Gitgit flows all year round, with clearer waters during the dry season.


Gitgit Waterfall
Jl. Raya Bedugul – Singaraja, Gitgit, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia