Singsing Waterfall – Waterfalls In Bali

Singsing Waterfall is one great hidden treasures of North Bali, which is an excellent opportunity for nature enthusiasts to explore this beautiful play of nature. Fly to the slopes of Banjar and explore this peaceful and serene waterfall ducked among the foliage, together with rocky pools and lava stone creeks. Entering the site needs a 20-minute trek on foot, beginning at the rustic neighborhood and near a gentle forest path.  Although not very high or large when compared to other popular waterfalls found throughout Bali’s central highlands, the whole site of Singsing Waterfall offers a pleasant respite.

A linear trail covering the waterfall leads to a capacious upper creek with lava stone pools that you can also dip in.

SingSing Waterfall is located in the Labuan Haji Temukus district, near Lovina. It has been praised as the most romantic waterfall in Bali, due to its tranquil and beautiful atmosphere. Set within the beautiful natural surroundings with your partner, listen to the gentle waters waving down a watercourse, or take a dip together in the fresh water, this experience is simply great.


Singsing Waterfall
Jalan Air Terjun Sing-Sing,
Tigawasa, Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81152, Indonesia

Few things to know about waterfalls in Bali

  • Even in dry season, waterfalls in Bali have plenty of water to work very well
  • To reach the most of the waterfalls in Bali you might need 15-20 minutes of light hiking.
  • Take a swim suit with you as most of the waterfalls volunteer an outstanding opportunity to get wet
  • The genuine time to visit waterfalls is normally lunch time. The water is cool and refreshing. Your hike through rain forests will hide you from the sun.
  • If you are lost on your walk to the waterfall, use local word ‘air terjun’ (pronounced as ‘ah-eer-ter-joon’) because in remote areas locals don’t know English.